ARe you excited

ARe you excited?

Apple has been slowly, but surely, pushing the day to day use of Augmented Reality (AR) with each and every iPhone keynote in recent years and even some iPad ones for good measure. The long, drawn out game demos are a staple of the events.

While these demos rarely excite, and I for one use AR apps very infrequently, I’m still incredibly excited for what Apple is going to do with AR in the coming years. Once it has been freed of some shackles that is.

Currently, Apple relies on the use of an iPhone or iPad to act as the portal to an AR world. While this can be quite enjoyable, it’s also very limiting. What I’m most excited for is to see the release of the long rumoured Apple AR goggles (iEyes?  Glass?). I think when you no longer need to rely on holding up your device to peer through the tiny window into your AR landscape, the technology will really take off.

As a person that has to wear glasses anyway, the initial impediment to many isn’t an issue for me personally. If the glasses I already wear could do even more (beyond the small, insignificant task of helping me see) such as give me directions as I drive, or walk around an unfamiliar town, or display information about the meeting I’m about to work into, for example, I’d be ecstatic.

I’ve no idea how far off such a device may be, and most rumours of a semi-imminent launch have trailed off somewhat recently, but I feel pretty confident it’s coming. Apple has never been first, but they have usually been best, so I’m confident that what Google started with Google Glass, Apple is going to enhance to make it their next big thing. Watch this space!