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The Dent 3.0, or is it 4.0?
3 min read

The Dent 3.0, or is it 4.0?

The Dent 3.0, or is it 4.0?

Well, you may have noticed that has moved ... again! I'm starting to lose track of the amount of times I've moved the site and I'm sure, if any of you have tried to keep up, you would have to.


Firstly, I just want to apologise for messing around with this setup so frequently. Each time I've done this I've sent out yet another Tweet asking that people subscribe to the site via their RSS of choice, or in any other system you use to consume content. Generally speaking, for the most part, people have been kind enough to do so. The fact I've moved again, and again have a new RSS feed that I would need to share with people is pushing my luck and I, rightfully so, will need to work at building up an audience again.

This latest move, over to the Ghost platform, came about for a variety of reasons. I used Micro.Blog for almost a year, I believe. I was drawn to the simplicity of the service, but ultimately it was this simplicity that killed it off for me. Through the simplicity of the basic setup, I ended up having to have a more complex and convoluted system to compensate. Just adding an image into a post where I wanted it turned in a song and dance, and I wont even mention trying to upload videos (Which I had to pay extra for I might add) via the web or iOS apps.

This then lead me to a short lived dalliance back with a hosted site which led me back into a world of tweaking and a paralysis of choice in terms of templates and options. The fact you need a Premium account to use custom CSS in your themes, and you can't use plugins without a £240 a year Business account made the idea of using Wordpress at all seem a little pointless. This move, as I've referenced already, led to a loss of anyone that had kindly subscribed to my RSS feed in the past, so I quickly felt that if Wordpress wasn't going to be for me, it made more sense to get out quick, before I had any new followers, and look for something I could see me sticking with longer term.

Enter Matt Birchler, of fame and Greg Morris, podcaster and blogger extraordinaire. Matt posted a great article back in December about how he migrated his Wordpress hosted blog to Ghost and I was blown away by how good his site now looks. This isn't simply a result of using Ghost, of course, more of Matt's ability to amend this stock template to his needs. Regardless, I was very impressed. Greg then followed up with an extremely informative post, walking through the step-by-step options for self-hosting Ghost on DigitalOcean. While I was already in a state of limbo, this really drove me over the edge and I decided to jump in. About 300 Twitter messages to Greg later (thanks Greg!) and The Dent 4.0 was born. I purchased a nice clean theme, made some light tweaks to set it to my needs and away we go. I know the new shiny always looks better, the grass is always greener and all the old cliches, but so far I'm very impressed with Ghost so far. The editor is far cleaner and intuitive than Wordpress', yet very powerful.

Fresh Start

Winding road
Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa / Unsplash

The fact that my repeated moves between platforms has likely killed off the small readership I once had has left the road ahead clear for me, so I'm looking at this latest move as a fresh start. I've archived all of the podcast posts and this will likely stop full time. This is another area I've been extremely inconsistent with so expecting people to stay subscribed in case I get off my behind and post something is not respectful to people's time.

For now, my focus is to start posting consistently. I will aim for quality over quantity at all times. My initial goal is to get back onto Matt Birchler's reading list and move onwards and upwards from there.

If you've been here for previous iterations of this blog, I thank you wholeheartedly. For those people, I ask you one more time to please consider adding my site to your RSS reader. For anyone finding me for the first time ... please ignore the waffle above and please enjoy your stay!