Is The iPad Exciting Anymore?

Matt Birchler, of A Better Computer and Birchtree fame recently released another great video on his channel, posing the question Is the iPad exciting anymore?. If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a watch below. The video saw Matt, and a fantastic line up of known iPad power

You Are Not The Only Person That Matters

For some time now I’ve not only dropped off listening to tech podcasts, mainly Apple focused ones, but I’ve actively avoided them where possible. For some reason, I think mainly because I’ve not got a good audiobook on the go at the moment, I dipped back into

Demands on Your Attention

A huge reason, perhaps the reason I've regularly dropped away from blogging has been done to just having nothing to write about. I often wonder how people find so many things to write about, and a drive to blog so frequently. I recently came across a great post from Matt