I’ve been a gamer for years, since getting my hands on the family Atari ST. My grandad killed that thing my ripping out it’s innards whilst trying to get a stuck disc out of the drive with a bloody great knife. He was a carpenter, so he was

One Camera or Two? →

Writing about his current camera setup, Greg Morris writes: My smartphone needs to have a good camera to capture all of life's moments. My kids doing things I want to let others know about, or record a memory I want to look back on. Perhaps to show the world what

My Writing in 2022

As we slowly creep into 2022, I've read a few posts about people's plans for their blogs and their writing. Some of these got me thinking a bit about my own writing this year, and some goals or aims I'm going to set myself. I've said many times in the

Give Yourself a Break

I love following small and / or independent blogs, so I’m slowly filling up my RSS client with as many sites as I can. I enjoy hearing diverse voices and learning about people’s equally diverse views and thoughts on things. Something that I’ve started to notice recently, however,