Demands on Your Attention

A huge reason, perhaps the reason I've regularly dropped away from blogging has been done to just having nothing to write about. I often wonder how people find so many things to write about, and a drive to blog so frequently. I recently came across a great post from Matt

Year in Review 2021 - Books

The year 2021 has been a weird one in many ways. As my work life has changed drastically, so has my home and relaxation time. Before COVID took a grip on us all, my day involved a 3-4 hour commute every day. Whilst this took a toll on my soul,

Are You The Product?

As the big technology companies we know and love today continue to grow, there are fewer and fewer facets of their businesses and models to differentiate them. Almost all of the huge technology companies today harvest us for our personal data (both knowingly and sometimes even unknowingly to help fund,

Less Than 100% is Still Valuable

Whilst I’m on a bit of a streak right now, generally speaking my post writing is fairly limited and restricted. A large part of why that is, is because I constantly tell myself that I just don’t have time. Fairly often this is the case. I have a

Change For Change Sake

A few months ago I switched from using Google as my default search engine to Bing. I’ve been surprised by the results, and have stuck with it ever since. While I value privacy and advocate for people to have more control over what data is collected from them and