Apple Arcade

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A long time ago I had the crazy idea of trying to write a daily review of every Apple Arcade game. I think I made it about six days before burning myself out. Whilst I don’t think it’s going to be viable to review then all I was

Apple Arcade Review - Oceanhorn 2

It was, and is, my intention to keep these micro reviews true to their name. To keep them short and sweet, and to simply act as a quick guide to whether or not a particular title is worth your time amongst the fairly crowded  Arcade line-up. A review for the

Apple Arcade Review - Word Laces

Whilst surving bullet storms or going on an adventure across the world can be great fun, you sometimes need to step back a bit in life and time the pace down a bit. Beautiful graphics or a pumping soundtrack usually make for an interesting gaming experience, but in the right

Apple Arcade Review - Exit The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is one of my favouritex games I own on the Switch, so when I heard that there was a sequel, of sorts, heading to  Arcade I was all in. The new game, Exit The Gungeon, by developer / producer Devolver Digital, takes what was enjoyable about the original,

Apple Arcade Review - Bleak Sword

My previous reviews I’ve written so far have been for games that, in my opinion, are best experienced on a larger screen1. In order to bring a little balance to the force I wanted to try a game that’s more at home on the iPhone. To that end,