@mikehaynes oh, thanks, I’ll check that out.

@Gaby ah yes, thank you. I was thinking of that ‘ownyourswarm’ thing.

@amit if Elon has an interest I’d hazard a guess that it’s bad for all involved apart from himself.

@SimonWoods ahh yes that is what I was thinking of. Thank you!

@mikehaynes sounds like a chill mix!

@mdrockwell anh interesting. Thank you.

@mikehaynes oh for sure! Fortnite was always ‘zero build’ for me, I never did it. Now, at least, I’m not at a disadvantage which is much better. I hope the game mode sticks around.

@amit can you access it from tv.Apple.com on Android?

@Gaby just precious, precious time!! :)

@pimoore yeah, it’s a very pretty game.

@Gaby looking lovely and clean. Glass looks really nice on the iPad doesn’t it?

@Gaby Ok I obviously can't read instrucitons then haha. I copied yours and it's working now. Thank you!

@maique bump it up! Haha.

@Munish I’m not sure how long I’ll be passing through, but thanks! 😃

@pimoore thanks buddy! Loitering again :)

@bogart thank you! It’s fixed now thankfully :)

@Gaby heeeey buddy. How’ve you been?

@help thank you, that did the trick!

@help ah cool thank you! I’m trying to add my thedent.net account but I’m waiting for the DNS to update so maybe If I do that and submit it again it’ll start working.

@maique first thing I see when I come back is the timeline broken so not sure how long I’ll be here haha.

@manton hey Manton, I hope you’re well? I signed back up to m.b today and my posts (micro posts) don’t seem to be appearing in my timeline after posting. Do you know why at all? @help

@Gaby thanks! But it won’t be for long. The posting interface for larger posts is just not good I can’t use it anymore.

@Gaby I came back for a bit again but none of my posts were showing up in the timeline. Looks like it’s good now :)

@Gaby your photography is getting better and better by the day. It's great thanks for sharing your great shots.

@Gaby wow the lighting is incredible. Nice one!