@tracydurnell oh perfect thank you for sharing Tracy. I’ll check these out!

@hollyhoneychurch Fantastic, thanks for the suggestion!

@artkavanagh oh great, thanks for sharing.

@pimoore Ah thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out!

@mdrockwell Ah, nice, thank you. Ill check it out!

@ChrisJWilson For me, if I'm going to use it for blogging I think it will need an iOS that's good. I've been enjoying using my Mac Mini more and more, but most writing I do is when I'm laying in bed and can't sleep!

@maique that's a gorgeous photo, love the colour of that building.

@pimoore Haha nothing I was just clearing out a cupboard and found some podcasting gear I stowed away in there. I considered trying again for a hot second but it didn’t last! :)

@sku_b yeah, for sure. They are not moving with the times really. It’s decent as a very basic mail service but I think even non-techie people are expecting more these days.

@gr36 great read, thanks for sharing! Despite having no need for such a thing I want to try it out … so I take the thanks back 😂

@gr36 boom! You know it make sense!!

@V_ if you’re into sci-fi and fantasy etc you’ve read it already, but have you read Stephen Kings Dark Tower series? I can highly recommend it if not.

@gr36 two people posting a blog post and a video about the current new hotness seems perfectly normal to me, though I never post so what would I know 🤷‍♂️ haha.

@gr36 ahh okay. Do you mean you want to avoid posting at the same time? There shouldn’t be any negative impact if doing that should there? I’m sure people would be just as interested in both views, and in two formats.

@gr36 ooh very nice! Are you planning a post about Obsidian? Why you like it, how it works etc? I’d be interested in seeing that iOS app!

@mcg oh, nothing. It’s worse all round. I was just trying DDG as a search engine again and didn’t want to set Safari to use it as the default search.

@mdrockwell Haha. Next level!

@Dino Nice, right? The mail I use right now is just fine, but I can't help looking at shiny new things ...

@Gaby there are a few series like this, such as the Ben Hope books and Jack Reacher. They are more like ‘adventure of the week’ stories and don’t generally have an overarching story so you can just dip in and out to any stories you fancy. Like James Bond.

@hjertnes yeah that’s very fair. Though I would have expected basic UI things like dark mode, but definitely appreciate looks aren’t their main priority.

@pimoore yeah it’s … not great. It needs a lot of work and I think development on it is pretty slow from what I’ve heard.

@Gaby Hah, still a nice address! I’m sure I’ll check them out again one day, in 6 months or so when they start getting updates again.

@podiboq I’m fully Notes.app and Reminders. They just fit so well with my usage I’ve stopped looking elsewhere. There are some really interesting Notes apps right now, but I always steer clear because I don’t want notes scattered all over loads of services (because I’ll lose the info not really for privacy reasons) and I’m always thinking they’ll get bought out or stop being updated.

@numericcitizen I’ve been using my M1 Mac for work recently (remotely connecting to my work laptop so I can sort of use macOS as well as Windows) and while I don’t leave it on long I’m definitely coming across times when being able to move something over to the secondary screen has come in really handy.

@hollyhoneychurch I'd highly recommend his Dark Tower series (not horror) or The Stand (not horror either) as some really great Stephen King reads.