@tiff oh it’s nice actually, I like it. It’s very much just like the desktop one really. It’s built on Electron I think so literally is just the desktop app, so it can act a bit weird sometimes.

@ohBananaJoe Haha I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm for it. I wanted to like it for some strange reason. I’m glad it works for your needs.

@ChrisJWilson Oh I've been doing the same every night for my daughter. She loves it and I'm really enjoying it too. Working on my different voices is a fun challenge. Some of these books are quite good fun. We've gone through a few of the Roald Dahl books as well. Fun times!

@lukemperez @mdrockwell that’s AnyDesk, a really great Remote Desktop app. I use it to connect to my work PC or my Mac Mini for some macOS on iPad action.

@pimoore @maique @gregmoore @Munish to be honest I hated a crowd before the pandemic. This problem has only amplified my dislike of people 😂

@lukemperez meh, you don’t need people that are only contactable on Instagram in your life haha.

@maique just hearing about a single place with 700 people in it gives me anxiety these days.

@gr36 oh glad you like it. Yeah good ‘ol iPhone.

@maique oh, thanks!

@Burk noice!

@numericcitizen Yeah WWDC seems to be the hinge for a lot of people again this year. I'd like to be wrong, but not expecting much this year on that front.

@MindfulGrump Thanks for giving it a read! They really are great, and good fun to use also.

@Burk Hah, you deserve a prize just for getting to the bottom of that waffling post!

@fgtech @Pilchuck @Miraz oh great, thanks folks. That’s the one I’ve always hears about but never looked into it. I’ll check some out.

@tracydurnell oh perfect thank you for sharing Tracy. I’ll check these out!

@hollyhoneychurch Fantastic, thanks for the suggestion!

@artkavanagh oh great, thanks for sharing.

@pimoore Ah thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out!

@mdrockwell Ah, nice, thank you. Ill check it out!

@ChrisJWilson For me, if I'm going to use it for blogging I think it will need an iOS that's good. I've been enjoying using my Mac Mini more and more, but most writing I do is when I'm laying in bed and can't sleep!

@maique that's a gorgeous photo, love the colour of that building.

@pimoore Haha nothing I was just clearing out a cupboard and found some podcasting gear I stowed away in there. I considered trying again for a hot second but it didn’t last! :)

@sku_b yeah, for sure. They are not moving with the times really. It’s decent as a very basic mail service but I think even non-techie people are expecting more these days.

@gr36 great read, thanks for sharing! Despite having no need for such a thing I want to try it out … so I take the thanks back 😂

@gr36 boom! You know it make sense!!