@Dino ah that makes a lot of sense and a good approach, thanks!

@yorrike can i not cherry pick some results to make it sound positive please?! :-)

@gr36 I have a Drafts action to do this. Do you want a copy of the code to dig through?

@maique yes, true. We’re literally all in this together at this point, so I guess there’s no benefit in seeing it. I’d just like to see something positive, though skewing the numbers to achieve it is a bit counterproductive.

@Burk I’ve been trying to use the IGDB API via shortcuts but it’s a bit over my head. I’ll have a play around.

@gr36 yeah I use GoodReads. It does a great job but I’d like a way to have a visualisation of it. I like how the Apple Books app presents your read books as well. You can track your gaming via IGDB and it has a decent API. I’m just not smart enough to use it haha. I’m trying to build a Shortcut to look up games and also add to your tracked games.

@Burk ooh do you have an automated / shortcut for recording and tracking your ‘Now Playing’ list?

@gr36 oh great shot!

@Dino thanks!

@Burk @gabz 🙌

@ljpuk.blog terrible strategy from them

@vincent oh, nice. I’d just started the audiobook of the first Expanse book before lockdown hit and my commute died. I’ll finish that off when I’m in the car again.

@vincent there’s an iOS app called CheapCharts which highlights all of the price drops that happen on the Book store which is worth checking out. It’s 90% junk that gets a discount, but sometimes you can find some bargains. Enjoy your reading! :)

@vincent Its become my most used app on my iPhone in recent months. I agree it’s a really nice experience. The prices of books aren’t terrible compared to Kindle really, and I’d prefer to pay a slight premium for a nice app experience. The tracking stuff is nice too.

@gr36 Hah, glad it’s not just me then! I got through huge ‘books’ during my commute now the last book I read, a John Grisham thing, took me weeks. Very relaxing though I guess. I wish Apple made an eInk device :)

@gr36 ah yeah, nice. When I had my near 4 hour commute I replaced 90% of my podcasts with audiobooks from Apple Books too. Feels like such a nicer way to spend the time doesn’t it? Now I’m home more I’ve started trying to read more, but it’s slow going. If I try to read before bed I can make about 5 mins before it makes me fall asleep.

@acorscadden I have one of these. It’s lovely.

@frostedechoes oh thanks, I’ll check that out. I really liked Rogue One, so I’d happily consume a bit more around that.

@joelhamill I’ve added the first book to my ‘want to read’ section in  Books, so I’ll give that a go next :)

@maique ah thanks. It’s been an app I’ve just tried and failed to ‘get’ so many times. It just feels quicker to go to whatever app I want to send data to directly sometimes. I’ll keep it simple for now and see how it goes. I have some good Things 3 actions that should be good.

@joelhamill oh thanks I’ll check that out now.

@chaitanya oh, interesting. Thank you!

@maique thank you! It’s Christchurch in the U.K.

@gr36 yeah, ‘course! :)

@gr36 you maniac haha.