@gr36 Greg, do you mind me asking how you get the inline replies to your posts at the bottom of some of them? Is that some funky giggery pokery? Or just a part of micro.blog / wordpress I'm not aware of? I mean the replies that are at the bottom of this post for example: gr36.com/webmentio...

@gr36 I have andynicolaides.com too, but that's just a mouthful 😂

@ChrisJWilson @gr36 must resist the urge for my usual Twitter like reply, and just throw in a .gif :)

@maique Hi there! I'm not sure how long my next visit will last, but I always seem to end up back here at some point! :)

@gr36 I keep thinking I want to try writing again, but something's stopping me. It sounds stupid but I think the 'branding' of my site is not helping. Having a 'name' to it makes me feel like I need to make more real posts instead of just longer Tweets. Your regular writing and newsletters etc. are very motivational to just do things, however.

@ChrisHannah Wow, very nice. Thanks for that.

@help ah, amazing, thanks so much.

@ChrisJWilson ah fantastic thank you!

@gr36 hah, bit of a flip-flop wasn’t it? :) I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm or ideas unfortunately. I should never have built that bloody PC. I blame that entirely for monopolising my very limited me time.

@ChrisJWilson I didn’t know there was a MB gaming Discord, no. Can you share a sign up link at all please?

@Dino Thanks Dino! Hopefully the motivation will come back one day :)

@help Hello! I just tried to cancel my account, but my settings page now says I'm actually on the higher tier ($10) plan now instead. If I try to cancel again that page then says I have nothing to cancel. Can I just check if my subscription is off or not?

@Dino yeah they’ve released a few bug fix updates since it lajnches though weirdly I’ve seen very few issues (no more than things like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption 2 have) in my 50ish hours. It was bad on the Series X but fantastic so far on the PC.

@jmreekes this one is Duolingo.

@Burk elusive burgers aren’t they?! I managed to grab an Xbox Series X preorder from Amazon in November. It’s great, but I had to refund Cyberpunk there and get the PC one instead.

@peterimoore whichever you go for definitely some for one using a Latin alphabet! :)

@peterimoore I’m trying to learn Greek. I’m half Greek but never learnt it so it’s time to finally try. It’s not going all that well haha.

@ChrisJWilson I don’t think I’ve done either actually. I’m not much of a videographer so probably won’t do that but I will write up a bit about the random stuff I’ve got setup in my little man cave! :)

@gr36 You’re on the nice list 👍

@ohBananaJoe thanks! You can’t go wrong with Unsplash :)

@gr36 hah, you really do! Which of the two are you leaning towards at the moment ?

@flowinho do you mean the picture with the frame? I use this shortcut

@mroutley it works well, from my experience, to have a few you can quickly switch in and out based on the situation.

@sku_b it’s so underrated. It’s so smooth and easy to use it became second nature the first time you use it. Amazing feature, especially in this time.

@bsebesta Thanks Bryan!