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@gr36 Ah, really? It seemed quite light weight and basic in my initial dig arounds, though I may be missing more of its power / complexity. As I'm using it 'solo' I don't have a use for the chat section and stuff like that. I'm mainly using the Schedule and Todo section. For the Schedule I have a little tool on my laptop that syncs my work Outlook appointments with Google calendar (so I can see my meetings on my personal phone and not have to use the work phone as much) and then a quick Zapier thing that sends any new appointments in my Google calendar (work folder only) into the Basecamp Schedule. I open Basecamp up in the morning and then in the Schedule section I have my calendar for the day, along with todos that I've set for myself.

It's nothing that things like Fantastical probably can't do in of themselves, but I don't think there're as many options for Windows PCs. Just having it open with an overview of my day and tasks I need to do has been really helpful and it's a nice simple, clean interface too.