@RossA yeah I’m hearing good things about them! I’ve been enjoying reading on the iPad Mini but a dedicated device would be better, with less distractions. Though all my books are in Apple Books.

@gr36 sorry I’m being lazy I will research it later but if you have a moment, what’s the difference between the normal one and the paper white to double it’s cost? Just better quality?

@gr36 oh no … I’m browsing for Kindles. Damn yooooou :-p. Just ... erm ... out of interest … which do you recommend?

@gr36 All I've managed to get through so far is a bunch of kids books as I read to my daughter at night. I'm working my way through Ready Player One veeeeery slowly so far. I've got to prioritise some reading time. I keep thinking a Kindle will help, for some reason, but I have most of my stuff in Apple Books, so resisting.

@gr36 the Apple Arcade section on the App Store itself is pretty good. Right at the bottom is an ‘all games’ button and it lists the games in release order.

@gr36 looking chefs kiss

@maique Looking smoother than a cashmere codpiece 👍

@kimberlyhirsh that’s just something Beverly told him to keep him quiet. ‘Yes, you’re a very special boy Wesley …’ 🙄 😂

@mcg Yes that's right, this is in the 14.5 beta.

@ohBananaJoe @chrisjwilson I've done a lot on Google Maps also. I'm a 'local guide' level 6 or 7 I think. I'm just enjoying doing it in Apple Maps because it's a new feature and it's completely devoid of any crowd-sourced info so far so I'm enjoying being one of the first to start contributing.

@gr36 yes, that’s a fair point. PayPal is an established payment method also, but ask eBay users if it feels safe 😂

@JohnPhilpin I guess so? I’ve no idea though if everyone complaining about Apple taking their cut wouldn’t it seem that most developers will avoid offering it to save the cost?

@vincent You should look at selling a small alternative icon pack as an IAP as a little profit boost. You invest so much time and effort into the app you should be rewarded more for it IMO.

@numericcitizen yes, exactly. That’s what I’m saying. I saw Hey as a solution to consuming newsletters in my mailbox, but it just didn’t work do me. Mailbrew seems like a better solution, a daily digest I can just read through in my normal mail app. Something that, I hope, presents them better than ‘The Feed’ does.

@numericcitizen No, I know they are comparable, but the only thing I really liked about Hey was that I could sign up to a load of newsletters and just read them when I wanted. I found the Feed experience pretty poor, however. You had to keep pressing a button to expand the email, and it just started getting clogged and hard to read.

Everything beyond the newsletter experience wasn't ideal either. I think I couldn't get used to the 'let it flow' approach. It was just diluting the search function.

I was considering using Mailbrew just to cover my newsletters coming into my inbox. Outside of this, my email usage is very light and Hey wasn't really solving any issues, only making it harder to read and manage the emails I did need.

@colinwalker ohh okay. Very nice!

@numericcitizen @ohBananaJoe I’ve been considering the same now I think I’m done with Hey. Would love to hear your thoughts.

@colinwalker when you say you just click + and start typing are you talking about blogging on micro.blog or do you use something else?

@amit thanks Amit!

@pimoore we don’t have much, but we’ve got plenty of those haha.

@pimoore I do go to places that aren’t castles sometimes haha.

@jeannie oh good luck with it! It’s so easy to push something like this to the bottom of the pile isn’t it? I’ve tried reading last thing at night but it makes me almost instantly fall asleep, so that’s pretty slow going too! :)

@pimoore @ohbananajoe well, maybe, just because I can’t get my email out right now haha.

@gr36 ooh excited to see what you come up with.

@gr36 do you see this when shooting RAW (or ProRAW whatever) or only in the processed images.