@gr36 it is depressing how experts with proven track records over years of hard work and dedication are ignored in favour of rich douches and Tik Tok belle*nds.

@gr36 I’ve often wondered why I post anything to Twitter or why I (try) to blog and a came to a rather depressing conclusion. I put things out there because I have zero friends and no other outlet just to share my nerdy thoughts I have. I love my wife, of course, but she doesn’t give a sh*t about my nerdy obsessions haha

@mangochutney WTH what a weirdo. What sort of man / person gets uncomfortable about things others bodies do? It amazes me in the same way we have racists, sexists and everything else. Even if you look at it at all from a really selfish and simplistic standpoint, who even has the time / energy / internet to be so angered by other peoples lives?

@BenSouthwood Yeah they have some strange ideas, in some ways, but some very smart ones in others. The combined email threads and ability to change subject lines seemed a bit pointless at first but they’ve become really helpful.

@Munish yeah I’m very intrigued to see some of it. I’ll try and share as many pictures as I can!

@manton wooow that looks incredible. Well done @ezellwrites!!

@vincent fantastic update. Thanks for all the great work you do on Gluon. It’s a real joy to use.

@gr36 it certainly has its bad points, but it is a nice little community here. Often a little too like minded but if you take that into consideration it’s a good environment. It’s more approachable than Mastodon I find, which I’ve experimented a bit with again recently.

@annahavron oh that’s a really interesting post thanks for sharing. I’m glad to have been an inspiration :)

@kimberlyhirsh yeah that’s a good way of looking at it. I will often write a tweet of 2 or 3 sepersts tweets in a thread and end up thinking I should have just blogged this.

@patrickrhone yeah that’s a good way of looking at it. I regret having my blog a name, or a brand of sorts, because it makes me feel like I should only post longer form stuff and feels a bit restrictive, subconsciously.

@adoran2 ahh that’s inteeeting, thanks for sharing. I keep trying to get into a habit of using Day One for regularly daily notes but it just doesn’t stick at the moment.

@JohnPhilpin I have good intentions to read more, adding a load to my reading list. Actually going to my reading list and looking at any of it is still lacking, however 😆

@kaa ah, great, thanks for sharing. I’ll check that out!

@ChrisJWilson I stole the code from here

@Gaby doh, thank you! I’ll check that.

@manton this is great. Thanks for sharing / makkkg this.

@Munish Ah that’s very cool. Thanks I’ll check that out. Why are new features so finicky that they always need write ups from the community though? Haha.

@SamHawken hah, yeah, it does seem a bit unfair. I’ve no idea who wrote more of it or whatever. It does feel like they just wrote an alternative version of the Dark Tower in a way though.

@manton oh that looks a lot nicer. Great work from you and @vincent !

@skoobz yeah that is really cool and clean actually.

@vincent you have my attention … 👀

@odd it’s certainly cosy haha.

@DaveyCraney fantastic shot!

@manton ooh very cool. Thank you I wasn’t aware 👍