@gr36 yeah, ‘course! :)

@gr36 you maniac haha.

@RossA ooh that looks great. Thanks for sharing. I love that time lapse idea.

@help Gone again haha

@help Oh it's back now! Thank you if you changed anything! :)

@AndyNicolaides My 'articles' feed (https://thedent.net/categories/articles/feed.xml) is only showing one post now, despite all previous posts still being flagged with the 'Articles' category.

@gr36 you can publish it and then go back into the post and change the date after the fact. If yo the quick no one will notice 😂

@RossA yeah I’ve been trying that for a few days. It feels a little too engineered but definitely some interesting ideas as you say.

@RossA I’ve been considering one of them for a while. I’d love to hear how you find it when it arrives.

@sku_b yes, exactly this. I ended up swapping task apps so much in the past because I had this thing that I had to keep everything in one app / service. It completely makes sense now to use Things and Reminders together in this way.

@mattbirchler wow, that’s fantastic 👍

@LJPUK I think, in theory, this makes a lot of sense. For me, at least, I'd end up wanting the 'better' iPhone regardless and I'd go back to just never carrying the other camera. I used to have a real camera and it ended up getting frustrating to have to plan the day well enough to think 'will I want to take a photo today?'. Just having something in my pocket whenever I needed it made more sense personally.

The latest smartphone is so expensive, but again only for me, it accounts for a lot of things. It's my camera, phone, SatNav, eBook reader, Notepad and organiser. It feels like I don't need it sometimes, because it's easy to forget just how integral it can be to day to day life. I also love wearing an Apple Watch so I'd never be able to get rid of that either. With limited notifications on it, it doesn't bother me with anything I don't let it.

@solomon oh that’s fantastic, thank you for sharing this.

@ChrisJWilson I’ll sign up for this! :)

@vincent you don’t hang around. Excellent stuff.

@maique oh, thank you! Praise from someone with your incredible talent is most kind. It’s about 30/40 feet high.

@macgenie ahh okay cool that makes sense, thank you. I think that hashtag has a cross over with some kind of Microsoft conference. There’ll be some confused MS people, but they’re in for a photographic treat! 😃

@manton @cheesemaker hi guys! Really loving the new Sunlit beta but just a couple of questions if possible? Is there a way to choose which photos appear in the Sunlit timeline? Such as only those I take as ‘photography’? Just so it doesn’t also include random photo uploads I send to m.b in posts. Also, is there a way tagging can be added? The photo challenge uses a hashtag, but it can’t be used to actually filter to that hashtag.

@gr36 That’s an awesome photo 🙌

@cheesemaker there’s only one course of action available to you. It’s the only way to be sure

@ChrisJWilson do you like competitive games? If so I’d recommend Paladins and it wouldn’t even cost you some credit :)

@greghiggins it’s something that’s worth repeating :)

@LJPUK it’s the third result for me behind your Twitter and Wordpress blog. Are you not seeing that?

@gr36 even things like the new (I think it’s new?) gesture navigation feels worse. Far slower and less accurate on the Pixel. I have to do the gesture repeatedly sometimes to return to the Homescreen etc. It’s an interesting little experiment to do every couple of years so you can confidently say you’ve tried the alternatives properly and made an informed decision.

@LJPUK I picked up a Pixel 4 the other day. All it’s done is remind me how good iPhones / iOS is haha. I think the 4a will be out in the next week or two so you may want to hold fire.