@gr36 and every post is from him. Sounds on brand 😂

@mdrockwell @burk ah good to know, thanks!

@gluon hi there! Is it possible to select, during the posting process, if a post will be cross posted to Twitter at all? I can’t see that option, but just wanted to check I’m not just missing it.

@pimoore @Pilchuck the thing is 8GB is pretty solid even in M1 Macs so I’d be very shocked if it wasn’t even more adequate on the iPad. I’ve yet to see anything slow down my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9” and that has half as much RAM (let alone the raw power).

@pimoore I would be confident in saying they won’t announce anything in June that would make it necessary to have a 16GB model. They’ll sell very few of that, at that price point.

@pimoore it’s very compelling, especially that 16GB model, but to me they need to show us why you’d want 16GB because right now there is basically nothing that could push the iPad to actually utilise it.

@terrygrier Hah, yes most definitely an attempt at humour at least :)

@ohBananaJoe This isn't directly related to Hey, but it's connected. I didn't ever move fully over to Hey, because my address I got was no better than my Gmail or @ Mac one and I was a bit on and off about the service. Every so often I look around at other apps and services etc. I tried Fastmail briefly, but ultimately it always just highlights that I have no issue with Email that I need to solve and that iCloud seems perfectly good.

Hey is an interesting beast. I, also, will keep an eye on it, but I think I can see why it didn't really gel with me. It's so ridgid in it's design and I'm not willing to bend myself to fit a service. For me, at least, it made reading email harder, which should never be the case.

@mcg thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’ve been impressed by their iOS app too actually. Beyond privacy (which I think I have with iCloud) what other benefits are there that you don’t get from iCloud? Or isn’t there any really?

@mikehaynes thanks for this. I may need to dig around more to see what I’d be getting beyond just more privacy (my email usage isn’t high and 90% newsletters or rubbish).

@gr36 you’re always going to find the ‘topic of the day’ on any social network though right? Perhaps Micro.blog needs a mute option for certain topics. I’ll delete my draft post wading into the Basecamp discussion 😉

@gr36 Hah, beyond my charm and good looks you mean?! The second book is also on there as well. Chris Barrie’s voice work is 🤩

@gr36 it’s classic ‘New Hotness Syndrome’. You (as in one) finds a new service or app (or comes back to it) likes it a lot because it’s new or fresh, uses it a lot, starts getting bored / comfortable with it and it no longer gives the same hit it was before so you look for something new to give you that old feeling.

It’s the same reason I jump around services so much. I’ve come to terms with it and a long as I don’t lose data / important things I’m going to jump around abs have fun.

@amit have you reduced your consumption due to covid or was it always something you were never that into.

@gr36 it’s a lot better than the 40ish I had at one point haha.

@ronguest they have one already!

@mroutley it’s going to take me a while to get over the ending for X and Y 😬

@gr36 ahh okay, nice! I think I’ll stick with a ‘normal’ setup for now but as I’ve said before I’m easily tempted by shiny things so I’m sure I’ll dip in again :)

@vincent ah love the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ option. I’ve just switched to the ‘fast’ option and loving those new icons and accent colours.

@gr36 stick with using it with other mail services do you mean?

@maique I’d love to hear your thoughts when it’s all done. It seems like an extremely convoluted process they’ve setup to move it.

@vincent whoop 🙌

@vincent I’m definitely up for an accent that matches my blue iPhone! ;)

@pimoore @gr36 I totally agree with this on all points. Using it made me want to subscribe to more newsletters but when I did the reading experience the The Feed was really bad. I’ve since moved back to just Apple Mail and the experience is much better. A nice plain view just to read the content then delete when I’m done. Simple is best sometimes.

@gr36 yeah that’s what I mean. The podcaster has other options to monitize their podcast. If they choose to do this particular way then they have decided to lock it down to a particular app / service etc.