@maique probably for the best. Thanks! 😅

@maique Ahh amazing, thank you! I've added it to my blog homepage as well. The format doesn't really work, but it's too cool to leave out haha.

@maique That's looking super cool! Sorry to be a pain, but would you mind letting me know how I add it to my omg.lol profile? I added the script as just a normal item but it has a little 'link' icon next to the status. Also, and sorry again, do you know how to add the updates to your micro.blog feed?

@ChrisHannah yeah how Tweetbot can justify a subscription model I don’t know. It gives others a bad name just existing.

@frostedechoes well I’m only really doing it when I blog, and I blog very little. Thanks though! 😊

@pimoore they are very similar really, but Pixelmator has no sub and it also has a really good healing / removal tool.

@gr36 Noice!

@jemostrom really helpful / interesting information. Thank you!

@maique 💪

@gr36 nice, thanks guys! Sounds like it’s worth the £5 a month for Lightroom then. I’ll watch a few videos and maybe jump in.

@Gaby @gr36 Mr Greg, I’m suuuuure you fancy doing this for me, right?! :)