@sku_b it’s so underrated. It’s so smooth and easy to use it became second nature the first time you use it. Amazing feature, especially in this time.

@bsebesta Thanks Bryan!

@ChrisJWilson Oh, always!

@smithtimmytim whoop! 🙌

@sku_b it sounds like a few do actually. It’s good to hear. I hope need to stick with it now :)

@maique well, that looks far gentler on the eyes. Thanks for sharing. And thanks to you @burk.

@ChrisJWilson Ah, thanks for that Chris. I think the only way forward is then both being in sound proof rooms with someone turning off and on the mic as you say.

@gannonnordberg Mission Impossible.

@simonwoods ah no sorry I sent the message out and then thought ‘why don’t I use update the wording so it says ‘read more’ instead of ‘permalink’ which I did my end. It’s not all that pretty, but it does the job.

@Gabz 😊 I’m not sure it’s a format that works, but just having a play around to see.

@mikehaynes sorry for the late reply, I missed this. Yeah it’s an original Pixel from 2013. I found someone selling them new on eBay. And it actually was all originally packaged with plastic wrap etc. I’ve no idea where he found a bunch of brand new ones. Battery took a while to get going but it’s charging fine now and holding its charge. It only had 5 hour battery life when it came out and it’s not doing too far below that now.

It was no longer getting OS updates so I’ve replaced ChromeOS with a open source fork of it which seems to be up to date and even adds the Google Play store. Running very well.

@odd it’s one of these. I saw ads for an expensive one, looked on Amazon and saw there are a million cheap rip offs.

@maique thanks! An oldie but goodie :)

@Burk oh thank you!

@sarcassem I use a Shortcut.

@ChrisJWilson Whoop! :)

@cdevroe phew 😅

@RossA thanks Andrew, glad you like it!

@maique thank you! It was a bit more dank and grimy in real life :)

@Burk thanks very much!

@ajennische ah good to know, thanks. I better get my pipeline going then! :)

@Dino ah that makes a lot of sense and a good approach, thanks!

@yorrike can i not cherry pick some results to make it sound positive please?! :-)

@gr36 I have a Drafts action to do this. Do you want a copy of the code to dig through?

@maique yes, true. We’re literally all in this together at this point, so I guess there’s no benefit in seeing it. I’d just like to see something positive, though skewing the numbers to achieve it is a bit counterproductive.