The Dent

The Dent also has a companion podcast, which is a casual, short form podcast about Apple, and the surrounding ecosystem.

Each episode covers 1 – 2 tech topics, and is always under 15 minutes long. Feel free to dip in or out at your convenience. You can find the show on iTunes, in some of your favourite podcast apps, or directly via the RSS feed via the links below.

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Guest Appearances

I have also been lucky enough to appear, as a guest, on the following podcasts:

    • Episode 31 of the iPad Pros podcast, with Tim Chaten. This was great fun to record. I always embrace any opportunity to speak about my love of the iPad.
    • Episode 30 of the Outpost Show with Daryl Baxter and friends. It was a pleasure to be part of Daryl’s special episode, all about the iPad Pro event that Apple held in New York City on 30th October 2018.
    • I had a brief stint (about 8 episodes) as the co-host for the Pocket Sized Podcast.
    • Episode 3 of And You Are? with Greg Morris. It was a privilege to appear so early on into the life of Greg’s interview show and I had a great time chatting with him.
    •   Episode 37 of The Outpost Show. After my brief appearance on the WWDC special episode of Daryl’s interview show it was very cool to be part of my own full episode. I’ve joined a very illustrious list for past guests, which is very humbling. Once again, it was a real blast.