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Oprah's Book Club - The Water Dancer ๐Ÿ“š
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Oprah's Book Club - The Water Dancer ๐Ÿ“š

I’m not sure if anyone is interested in following Oprah’s Book Club on Apple TV+ when it launches in November, but for those of you that are, Apple are currently selling the Audiobook of the first book that will be covered, The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates for less than the eBook version.

This is a completely non-staged photo of Oprah loving the heck out of this book.

It’s currently ยฃ7.99 for the audiobook, versus ยฃ9.99 for the eBook.1

To be completely honest with you, it doesn’t sound like a book I’d normally be into. I am, however, an Apple sheep as you may well know, so I’ve picked up the book and will listen to it ahead of the Oprah Book Club launch. I’ve always been kind of interested in a book club idea, but I’ve never done anything about it. Now that I’ve been getting into audiobooks more, given my long commute, it seemed like a fair investment.

Having never taken part in a book club before, I’m not entirely sure what to expect from Oprah’s show, but I’m interested in finding out. Assuming I enjoy the book that is …

  1. This is in the UK of course, as you can guess by the price. I hope, and assume, the same will apply in the US and other places across the world.