One Camera or Two? →

Writing about his current camera setup, Greg Morris writes:

My smartphone needs to have a good camera to capture all of life's moments. My kids doing things I want to let others know about, or record a memory I want to look back on. Perhaps to show the world what I am up to and post a short post about it. I often try to put come artistic flair on it, but more often than not they are candid, slightly blurry moments frozen in time.
My camera on the other hand is for expressing myself. Picking it up to do something, or go somewhere, I want to capture with my self-expression. Like painting a picture or making some music, this is my art. Granted I am still learning, but it's the way I want to express myself outside my blog and what I am dedicated to.

I found this particularly interesting because it’s actually the polar opposite to how I currently see my own camera situation. I’ve never been a good photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos. I used to have a real camera, but I found the inconvenience of it far outweighed any potential quality improvements I may have seen. Having to think before each trip out about whether or not it’s going to be a trip where I’d need camera A or camera B and then, once decided, feeling like I now had to bring a bit of extra kit along just felt like a hassle.

Greg’s view on it, however, is a far more positive take than I had. Where I see the extra device as an impediment to my enjoyment, it seems Greg sees it more about getting into the zone and proactively stepping out of one mind set and into a more creative focused one. Kind of like a real life iOS Focus mode if you will. I like this idea and, I must admit, I have been tempted to up my camera game by getting a real camera. I intent to resist the temptation, however, but I do want to be more intentional about using the camera I have. I take quick snaps here and there and do, occasionally, take more thought out shots I don’t usually go out with the sole intention of exploring some self expression. I think I may need to change that, however.