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🔗 iPad Multitasking - Everything You Need To Know
1 min read

🔗 iPad Multitasking - Everything You Need To Know

The iPad celebrated its 10th Anniversary a few weeks ago and various blogs were alight with retrospectives about how far the device had come over this time. Others, such as John Gruber, felt the device had not moved on far enough.

The crux of John's post focused on the intuitiveness, or lack thereof, with the recent multitasking changes. I shared my own thoughts on this matter and essentially made the point that if a user takes their time to learn the device it can be as powerful, and intuitive, as a Mac, PC or any other piece of technology. This was an oversimplification of the issue, however. The iPad in general feels intuitive to me, because the majority of actions you can take on it make a lot of sense to me, but that isn't going to be the case for others. Intuitiveness feels like quite a subjective thing. It's not black and white and will vary between users, based on past experiences and assumptions about how something should work.

This got me thinking about how, if it doesn't feel intuitive, would someone ever go about learning how these things work. I then received a notification from YouTube that Christopher Lawley, of Untitled Site / A Slab of Glass fame, about his new video, all about iPad Multitasking:

Christopher's channel is the only YouTube channel I receive notifications for upon the release of a new video. They are always exceptionally well produced, but what really makes them stand out is Christopher's ability to make a video which is informative and useful to both iPad newcomers / light users and heavy users such as myself. While I consider myself quite an adept iPad user, Christopher is on another level.

This post is, first and foremost to share a link to this excellent video which will help all iPad users better understand and use iPad multitasking to its upmost. Secondarily, however, I wanted to share this as a link to Christopher's channel in general. If you're an iPad user, of any level, there will definitely be a plethora of videos in the back catalogue that you will find interesting. I can't recommend this channel enough, and I hope Christopher continues to help me, and others, grow our knowledge of my favourite Apple hardware device.