One Feature I’d Love to See in Glass

I’ve been using the photo sharing app and community since it launched earlier this summer. My use of the app moves in peaks and troughs, but I still have it on my main homescreen and I enjoy browsing it quite frequently.

One of my favourite things about the app is the meta data that’s shared with a post. This isn’t location meta data, but data about the device and lenses that took the photo. You can see an example of what I mean below:

This shows the device, the lens, the f-stop, speed and ISO etc. I find it really helpful to my own progress with photography to get an idea how someone crafted a good photo. While this is useful information, I’d love it if this feature could go a step further. We all know that the vast majority of photos we see now have been edited and manipulated in some way. For some photos, the editing really makes the photo. It’s a key skill every good / professional photographer learns.

While the hardware metadata is helpful to someone learning to be a better photographer, it only tells half the story. I’ve no idea how technically viable my idea is, but I’m going to assume not very. Regardless, I’d love Glass to be able to capture, either automatically or via (optional) manually entry, some details about the editing process of the photo. Which app it was edited in, for example, and maybe some information on what may have been applied. I know apps like the excellent Darkroom, my editor of choice, has teamed up with Halide in the past to somewhat integrate the two apps. I wonder if such an information sharing agreement could be made between Darkroom and Glass? Wishful thinking, I’m sure, you’ve got to aim for the moon right?

However such a thing is achieved, I think this would really be a killer feature that considers itself a community as well as a photo sharing service. I know I, for one, would subscribe for life if this ever happens, be it with Glass or something else.