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🔗 Clicked: A Jeff Perry Production
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🔗 Clicked: A Jeff Perry Production

I’ve always been a big fan of newsletters, for one reason or another, so I was pleased to see the recent resurgence of the humble newsletter as a way for a blogger to either consolidate their content into a single, regular digest, or to supplement it with extras. It’s something I’ve often considered myself, though my poor track record on consistency for both my blog and podcast has held me back.

Jeff Perry, blogging at has today announced the launch of his new newsletter, Clicked. On the subject of Clicked, Jeff writes:

One common thread I have harped on over the years on my blog has been consistency. I tried to blog everyday for one month, which got me about 6 days in a row before I fell off the wagon. The way that I see it is that if I have a deadline I will make it so I meet that deadline. I have always worked better under pressure, and I think the having a weekly newsletter is exactly what I need.

Jeff is a fantastic writer, so if a move to a newsletter format helps him get the content he wants out there I’m all for it. I can appreciate that Jeff can thrive under pressure of a deadline, and I’m often the same way, though I hope he doesn’t put too much pressure on himself. While consistency is always important, side projects should also be enjoyable to do, or there’s no point. That being said, I enjoy receiving my regular emails including the content I enjoy, so I’m looking forward to the first issue starting on the 21st January.

If you want to follow along for the ride also, you can sign up here.

If you’re looking for some other newsletters while you’re at it, I can highly recommend the following:

If you run a regular newsletter please feeL free to get in touch and let me know.

Good luck with the launch Jeff!