AirPods Pro Review: Is Silence Golden?

Before I get started with this post, allow me to set the scene a little bit. I am, by no means whatsoever, an audiophile. My experience with audio equipment, especially headphones is limited to the extreme. Since I started buying iPhones I’ve been using the supplied EarPods and then the AirPods, since their introduction in 2016. I’m mentioning this early doors so you can get a bit of perspective on what past experiences I will be bringing to bear when discussing the AirPods Pro.

The Brydge Keyboard

To me, a sign of a good review is how much reading / watching it makes me want to go and try out the product that’s being reviewed. Prolific YouTuber Christopher Lawley’s recent Brydge Keyboard review was not only fantastically presented, as always, it also really made me want to use the Brydge Keyboard. If you haven’t seen the video yet, stop what you’re doing and watch it below:

Apple Arcade Daily #8 - Exit The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon is one of my favourite games I own on the Switch, so when I heard that there was a sequel, of sorts, heading to Apple Arcade I was all in. The new game, Exit The Gungeon, by developer / producer Devolver Digital, takes what was enjoyable about the original, and creates a new, interesting mobile first experience. Described as a ‘bullet hell dungeon climber’, the game sees you take on the role of one of four different Gungeoneers.

Apple Arcade Daily #7 - Hexaflip

The last game I reviewed, Oceanhorn 2 is, as mentioned within, best experienced on the biggest screen you can, and ideally with a controller. Now that the weekend is over, I wanted to today look at a game that’s less time consuming and one that works well on the iPhone instead. Something fun for some short, weekday break bursts. When I’ve seen anyone on Twitter recommending an Apple Arcade game that is good to use on the iPhone, particularly in portrait mode, I’ve seen todays game recommended more often than not.

Apple Arcade Daily #6 - Oceanhorn 2

It was, and is, my intention to keep these micro reviews true to their name. To keep them short and sweet, and to simply act as a quick guide to whether or not a particular title is worth your time amongst the fairly crowded Apple Arcade line-up. A review for the game I want to look at today, Oceanhorn 2, should really just read: ’This game is fantastic and you’d be mad to not play it’, but I guess I should perhaps expand, just a little …

Apple Arcade Daily #5 - Super Impossible Road

Merriam Webster defines the world ‘impossible’ as something which is: Incapable of being or of occurring With that in mind, the next game I’ve chosen to look at in my daily Apple Arcade daily reviews, could be written up under the Trades Description Act. Not only was the first game not actually impossible, neither is this reimagining of an App Store classic, Super Impossible Road. While it may not really be impossible, it is a bit bloody hard …

Apple Arcade Daily #4 - tint.

After a manic week of work, family and digging through endless Apple Arcade games I needed a break and a little relaxation and, luckily I didn’t even have to leave the Arcade to find it. The next stop on my whistlstop tour of Apple Arcade is the ’relaxing col(u)or-mixing puzzle’ game, tint., by Bangkok based developer Lykke Studio. tint.1 requires you to solve a multitude of different puzzles through the power of watercolours.

Apple Arcade Daily #3 - Bleak Sword

The previous Apple Arcade reviews that I’ve written have been for games that, in my opinion, are best experienced on a larger screen1. In order to bring a little balance to the force I wanted to try a game that’s more at home on the iPhone. To that end, today’s Apple Arcade Daily micro-review is for Bleak Sword from Devolver Digital. The Apple Arcade listing for the game describes it as featuring Dark Fantasy Dioramas which is a perfect description of the graphical style used in the game.

Apple Arcade Daily #2 - Agent Intercept

Next up in our journey through the Apple Arcade catalogue is the excellent Agent Intercept by prolific development house PikPok. Agent Intercept sees you take on the role of a James Bond come Austin Powers type secret agent tasked with completing various missions in order to stop the dastardly CLAW organisation. The missions all, conveniently, involve chasing, racing, destroying and otherwise generally bothering a plethora of bad guys in your souped-up secret agent vehicle from the start of the course to the end.

Apple Arcade Daily #1 - Hot Lava

With the (early) launch of Apple Arcade to iOS / iPadOS beta testers, early adopters now have access to an impressive library of some really fun and interesting new games. While, right now at least, the list of available games is somewhat shy of the promised ‘over 100’1, it’s still an ample launch catalogue. Since it was first announced at this years WWDC I’ve been looking forward to trying Apple Arcade, so as soon as I spotted it had launched I jumped all over it.

Dark Noise - Simple, Powerful, Beautiful

After so many years of operation, there are rarely completely original app ideas anymore. Most categories are extremely well represented, from email clients to white noise apps. To truly stand out in a fairly crowded market you need to make your app something special. It needs to look good, or perform better than the competition. Luckily, Charlie Chapman, first time iOS developer and all round great guy, has been meticulously crafting one such app that I’d like share with you today.

A Quick Look At Reminders In iOS 13

Well, against my better judgement, I upgraded my iPad Pro, iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch Series 4 to the latest iPadOS, iOS and WatchOS respectively, the moment they were available post WWDC. Bad judgement aside, things are going reasonably well so far and I’m impressed with what I’m seeing. Over the coming weeks I’m planning on writing up a few thoughts and views on some of the plethora of new fixtures and fittings.

EyeEm - An Ad Free Instagram For Photo Lovers

I’ve been a big fan of photography for some time now and, while I’m not particularly good at it, I love to look at some of the works of art people around the world often share online. I used to enjoy Flickr quite a bit, back in the day, but that died a death when Yahoo acquired it. Eventually, most of my online photography browsing ended up happening on Instagram. The content there, however, quickly switched from real photography to pictures of peoples dinner and ‘Influencers’ trying to sell me some garbage food supplements.

Finding a Niche For The iPad Mini

I picked up the 12.9” iPad Pro 3rd generation in November 2018 and haven’t looked back. The iPad, in one form or another, has been my main computer since getting an iPad Air 2 back in 2014 and I’ve worked my way through various shapes and sizes. Up until recently, my iPhone had covered everything I need to do, in a day to day computing sense, that my trusty iPad Pro wasn’t suitable for such as reading or browsing in bed, or on commutes and lunch breaks etc.

Review - Memento

Over my many years of using iOS, I’ve worked my way through pretty much every To Do app on the market. So far, I think the only one I haven’t tried is Omnifocus because no one needs that much planning in their life. Please don’t email me … When I try a new app or service, it usually lasts a few weeks, at most, before I start looking elsewhere. Throughout this time, however, one service has always been there, just hanging out in the background, ready to welcome me back with open arms.

📱 Review - iPhone Smart Battery Case

I tried to resist. I really did. A few days ago, however, I caved and picked up the iPhone XS Max Smart Battery case and I wanted to share a few thoughts. For those interested, I chose the black one, because I’m not an animal. If you want the TL;DR for this review, let me just say that the case is no longer on my iPhone. If, however, you want a little more information, read on!

The 2018 iPad Pro

You’ve probably read a fair few iPad Pro Reviews, most of which have walked the well trodden ground of previous iPad Pro reviews and asked the question: “Can an iPad replace your laptop?” Pretty much all reviews from the big named sites, such as The Verge seemed to come away with the same answer, NO. They didn’t, however, to me at least, give very valid reasons for this case. I do appreciate that reviews from an individual writer are, intrinsically, personal views.