Every time I’ve tried to grow things they die, so I thought I’d try one more time with a few herbs and stuff. They’re alive still so far! 🌱

Hmm wife’s busy and my daughters playing a bit of Roblox. Probably a good time to try and read a bit in the sun? Naaaah a quick Warzone game wins out of course. Grr 😖

Making friends today. 🦒

The latest episode of For All Mankind is / was a bit of a dooooozy. What a great show. It could run for seasons and seasons as well, though I imagine by next season it will be a lot less grounded and may lose its charm. I’ve no idea why Apple are still giving away Apple TV+. I think the content so far is great, and worth £5 a month IMO.

What a pretty game this is! (Cozy Grove, Apple Arcade) 🎮

I started playing The Elder Scrolls Online the other day. That was a mistake … it’s pretty great and looks like a massive time sink. It’s basically Skyrim with much prettier graphics and some pretty optional multiplayer / MMO stuff sprinkled on top. Any one else playing?

Is this the digital equivalent of sweeping some mess under the carpet? 😂

My (sad) new hobby: Finding local places I like on Apple Maps, recommending them and adding some photos. Looks like the only one around here doing it so far.

If Apple is forced to open up payments in the App Store to anyone I think it would be the death of many indie apps. I’m not going to be entering my card details to random developers 99p apps.

The micro.blog homepage needs a dark mode.

I like the idea of Indiebookclub.biz as an indieweb alternative to things like GoodReads, but the way it presents your data back is … a bit naff. Is there a smart way of utilising the data you feed into this in a more graphically pleasing way?

Hever Castle

Hever Castle

Hever Castle

I’ve been back on Apple Mail from Hey for a day and I have to say it’s nice to just open a newsletter and read the whole thing without having to press ‘view more’ and then scroll down a million times to see the other messages 😂

I’ve read literally zero books so far this year (unless you count 4-5 Roald Dahl books to my daughter at bed time) so I’m trying to make a concerted effort to replace my ‘social’ time (which I generally use to just waste a few minutes) with opening Apple Books instead. Hopefully small snippets throughout the day will help me get back on track with reading. Evenings are spent playing far too many games at the moment.

I think it needs a bit of an iron.

It looks like leaving Hey is harder than I thought it would be. I’ve tried forwarding the emails from Hey to iCloud but it’s telling me the address is invalid or not working, when it is. Fun …

Cuddle time.

Anyone playing Star Trek legends on Apple Arcade? I’ve no idea what it does, but let me know if you want to make an Alliance 🖖

Can someone revoke my Warzone licence please? I’m so bad at this game, but can’t stop playing it. There has to be better uses for my time …

I’m happy with the look of my blog at the moment, but just out of interest (slippery slope incoming …) is anyone doing anything interesting with templates at all? The ones available directly in Micro.blog are fine, and with some tweaking could look nice, but is there a source anyone is aware of to pick new ones up from? I know these are based on Hugo themes, at least I think that’s the case, but you can’t just download one of them as is and use them right?

4 blog posts in April and it’s only the 8th? That’s about as many I’ve done in the last 4 months. Normal service will resume soon, I’m sure!

I setup my Protonmail account years ago but never really used it. It’s actually looking like quite a nice service.

There can be only one first officer right …? 🖖