Is there a trick to reading in bed and not falling asleep literally before the end of the first page? If so, can someone please teach me?!

This thing’s tiny

My iPad Mini has been stripped of all distracting apps and notifications and is now purely a reading device. I’m liking it so far actually, though it’s a big waste of 256GB of storage!

I really can’t get Hey email to click for me, I have too many uses for my @mac and @gmail accounts to really commit to it, and I like the stock Mail apps too much. It’s a nice way of bringing in newsletters, but the ‘Feed’ view is, in my opinion, a bad way to manage them. Expanding each one, one at a time, and having no way of closing them up again seems very odd.

Next week will be a busy one for goodies. Xbox Series X on Tuesday and new iPhone on Friday! Then I better stop spending … :/

My weekend homescreen needs some work, but I use the feature to show and hide entire screens far more than I thought I would. I have a work, weekend, evening and blogging screen currently.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to set / change the url / slug of a post either before or after posting them?

I’d love a Sunlit iOS widget. Just one to display a few recent photos or something. Any chances @cheesemaker ?

This is such a good song …

I’ve found myself getting a touch obsessed with competative multiplayer games on PC, so I’m making a concerted effort to limit my playtime of them. I’ve been enjoying some single player experiences like AC: Odyssey, Titanfall 2 and Rogue Legacy 2. I fancy a juicy RPG also, so I’m downloading FFXV from GamePass also.

I think I may have finally hit peak gaming for a while. Most of my evenings for the last few months have been taken up vedging out playing games on the PC I bought. I may be coming out the other side, so hopefully I can get more time for some other fun things, like blogging. It’s important, now more than ever, to have distractions and to enjoy things that relax you, so I don’t regret letting the blog rest for a while. really needs a dark mode on the web. I think I just melted my eyes opening at night on Chrome.

I’m very much looking forward to Hey widgets. That is all.

Dear American friends … I can see the debates last night trending today, with everyone saying it was an embarrassment and terrible etc. Is that purely because of Trump being a scum bag? Or was it bad on Biden’s side too? Just trying to understand the context …

Looks like there are some very interesting updates and improvements with 2.0. I’m looking forward to having more of a dig around. The ‘Highlights’ features look particularly interesting.

Does anyone know how I can add a ‘More’ button to my posts at all? All I have is a ‘permalink’ button at the bottom of posts, which doesn’t make it very clear there’s more to see of a post (cc @manton )

I adjusted my blog recently so it only shows part of the blog post, with the thing, but there’s no button that says ‘see more’ or what we, only a permalink button. Does anyone know how I can make it clearer there’s more post to see at all?

Destiny 2 on a 7 year old laptop isn’t bad going.

Uh oh

Slight Homescreen tweak.

Dear book reading folks … do you read multiple books at a time or just get through one at a time? I only get a short period just before bed to read, which usually makes me fall asleep, so it’s quite slow going and I find myself getting a little bored of the same book each night. I’m thinking having a few on the go at once might be better going.

Onward on the Quest is really fantastic … it also makes me almost throw up and my head spin within 10 minutes. It may be time to try and sell my Oculus Quest. My motion sickness is just unmanagable.

Does anyone have a graph of Covid-19 cases from March to now without the US on it? Are cases across the world increasing still if you took them out of the equation?

I’ve gone full circle and I’m now back on Overcast for my podcast needs. Castro suits the current way i manage and listen to podcasts right now, but a lack of iPad app means it’s a no go. I really liked the official podcast app, but the sync across multiple devices has been atrocious recently (and it was never great at the best of times).

I want to try and add some sort of ‘games I’m playing’ or ‘books I’m reading’ tracker onto my blog. I’m guessing the easiest way is to try and embed an AirTable view, but does anyone know of a smarter / fancier way of doing something similar?