Reeder is such a well made app, and feature rich, but NetNewsWire is so clean, light and quick I think I’ve gotta start using that.

I haven’t posted on the social part of or blog blogged for over a month. Time to hiatus this badboy again?

War, what is it good for?

Giving the new Brave Search beta a try for a few days. I

I’ve been playing around with Shortcuts posting to m.b but I’m seeing the following error when running it. I’ve just generated a fresh App Token so this definitely valid. Does anyone know what this could be at all?

Desk rejig number 325 for the year. PCs done under the desk so I have a bit more room. Not sure if it’ll stay there, depends how cool it stays I suppose.


Does anyone know why the images on my blog are so large and don’t respect the sizes I put into the HTML on the page? I’m assuming the CSS is overriding it somewhere to always set the width as big as possible?

Currently reading: Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey 📚

I may need to turn off seeing replies in my feed. Every time I open it up to ‘get involved’ all I see is the middle of conversations which are awkward to just jump into the middle of.

Do you ever get those days when you really fancy writing something but have no ideas if what to write? That’s me today. And most days … 😬

Keeping watch. It looks like I added the background myself, but it’s just a board in the enclosure. I could almost really be there …

I know how he feels.

6 o’clock.

Finished reading: Visitor by Lee Child 📚

Here’s a bit of an experiment. Dented - issue #1 👍

“Apple should make a games console!” … meanwhile:…

Who needs WWDC for macOS on an iPad? 😂

Trying to have a bit of a Twitter break for a bit, and will try to post here more. Starting to get annoyed with some of the things I’m reading on Twitter again and I can’t be bothered to cultivate my timeline in any way right now.

These two are a nice little pairing …

My current iPad Pro homescreen. I really need to get some new, fun apps to play around with.

Even the low end Mac Mini is so incredibly fast at just launching apps. I think this is a big reason why I started to consider an M1 MacBook over a new iPad. After using an iPad for years, a Mac before M1 was a painful affair, watching the icons bounce for 20 seconds.

While I like the idea, I’m not sure I like the name The Dent for my personal blog anymore. If I changed the domain, I assume all my old links would break, right? Is there a way to auto update them somehow? I’ve been using my site now as a replacement for Instagram and Goodreads as well, and want a custom domain email address now also. Something I can use for years, and The Dent doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

This could be kind of fun. I may move my blog over to this?

I’ve no idea why I post to Instagram anymore. I’m not a huge ‘I hate the system’ person but more so than anywhere else it feels like I’m just feeding the algorithm with Instagram and getting nothing in return. It may be time to drop it finally.