I’m loving this camera on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Currently reading: The Long Walk by Stephen King 📚. This is a very odd one so far, but as always very engaging.

I’ve had a list of blog posts I’d considered writing in Reminders since February. How many have I actually written? Not a one!

I resubbed to micro.blog with the best intentions of blogging and, two weeks later, still nothing. Time to cancel again me thinks :-/

Currently reading: Salem’s Lot by Stephen King 📚

Finished reading: Family Upstairs: A Novel by Lisa Jewell 📚

It may be time to admit that Battle Royale’s are just not for me.

I’m a terrible streamer, but I’ve started to get a few uploads done so far. I’ve started to stream my gaming to YouTube as myself, instead of using the The Dent Gaming page I setup. I may revert to that later however.

I always find the stupidest reasons not to write on my blog. The current ‘excuse’? I don’t like the name I was using before and now can’t decide on a new one. Until I have a name and a logo etc. I seemingly can’t write. Procrastination incarnate.

I never get bored with how nice the Apple Books app is to use.

I’ve been using only iCloud mail for all my email for a few months now and, while it doesn’t basically all I need and I’ve been liking it, the search is just terrible. I may need to move back to Gmail just to find emails when I need them, which is kinda important!

Currently reading: Family Upstairs: A Novel by Lisa Jewell 📚

Does anyone know if it’s possible to embed a YouTube page / channel into a Page on micro.blog at all? I mean can I make a ‘YouTube’ Page on micro.blog that, once opened, will just have an embedded player of my most recent video perhaps?

If I didn’t come back to micro.blog I’d have signed up to Hey again for Hey World, so I think worst case coming back was the best decision, right?

Well, I’ve re-subbed to micro.blog once again … I’m still going to be terrible at actually posting, but I’m going to give it another stab. I think I may ‘rebrand’ from TheDent.net to just andynicolaides.com, however. It’s not a very catchy / attactive name, but does make more sense for a personal blog I’d think. I do like my The Dent logo, however …

Reeder is such a well made app, and feature rich, but NetNewsWire is so clean, light and quick I think I’ve gotta start using that.

I haven’t posted on the social part of micro.blog or blog blogged for over a month. Time to hiatus this badboy again?

War, what is it good for?

Giving the new Brave Search beta a try for a few days. I

I’ve been playing around with Shortcuts posting to m.b but I’m seeing the following error when running it. I’ve just generated a fresh App Token so this definitely valid. Does anyone know what this could be at all?

Desk rejig number 325 for the year. PCs done under the desk so I have a bit more room. Not sure if it’ll stay there, depends how cool it stays I suppose.


Does anyone know why the images on my blog are so large and don’t respect the sizes I put into the HTML on the page? I’m assuming the CSS is overriding it somewhere to always set the width as big as possible?

Currently reading: Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey 📚

I may need to turn off seeing replies in my Micro.blog feed. Every time I open it up to ‘get involved’ all I see is the middle of conversations which are awkward to just jump into the middle of.