Does anyone know if it’s possible to update your sites RSS feed, so that I can update what is being picked up by so it references what gets picked up by… instead? Just to give me a ‘cleaner’ RSS feed address. Maybe another for @help (sorry!)

After posting my last post, all bar the latest post had disappeared from my homepage. Is this a temporary issue? Will they return from the ether at some point? :) (@manton / @help )

I may have traumatised the child

Currently reading: The Alchemist’s Secret by Scott Mariani 📚

I’m such an impressive gamer … dead in less than 15 seconds.

I’ve gone back and forth on this app so many times, but I think I’ve finally got it setup in such a way that it’s really clicked with me. One reason why it’s sticking more right now is because I’m just going with it and as and when it stops being what I want to use I will happily just move again.

Twitch really needs a way to filter out anyone that says ‘bro’, ‘dude’, ‘brag’, or ‘what up?’ more than once every hour. It’s too painful …

I think this is the first social network I’ve joined where literally every random person I’ve followed has been a really nice and interesting person. I think the only accounts I’ve ever unfollowed are those that just don’t post anymore. I’d actually love a way to automatically follow all active accounts and then work backwards, just unfollowing those I don’t want to keep up with.

I have so many good games to play across Switch, Xbox and PC yet I find myself constantly getting into competitive games (that I’m no good at). These games have no end so the time just disappears when I play them. My current obsession is Rogue Company, across PC and the Switch. Hopefully I can get it out of my system soon and get back to games with an actual story soon.

Am I missing something or does the official app and Sunlit not support tags? If so, what’s the point of using #mbaug for the photo challenge? It would be great if at least Sunlit could let you tap a tag like that and see all related photos.

Which book 📚 shall I go for next? Or start a new series?

Sorry Apple Podcasts, I give up. You’ve re-added a hundred old episodes I’ve already listened to back into my queue for the last time …

This is the most English photo you’ll see today. Queueing, rain, fish & chips. It’s just missing a Beefeater slapping me in the face with a crumpet to finish the ensemble.

My zen space. One shot on the iPhone 11 Pro and one shot with the Pixel 4. I was going to share this as a blind test but you can see one of the other phones in the photo 😂

I have an unhealthy addiction to trying out various different iPad / computer setups.

Having a play around with the Sunlit 3.0 beta. Really like it so far. Not as drastically different from 2.0 as I thought but it’s nice and definitely makes it more of a nice Instagram alternative.

I’m up to a whopping 9 followers on Twitch. If you want to see some bad gaming with no voice over … look no further!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to update my main RSS feed ( do it only pulls a certain category? So essentially, set to (@help)

It may finally be time to give up on the official Apple Podcasts app. The sync / app in general is incredibly flakey.

Browsing through the Sunlit feed is very refreshing, compared to Instagram. So many more natural photos of things people are just seeing or doing. It’s so much less forced and overthought. And each post is an actual post not an ad. I need to post more myself.

I need to somehow ban myself from buying anymore games for a long time. I already had a huge backlog on the Xbox and Switch, now a sizeable PC catalogue is looming …

My blog is now fully moved over from Ghost back to My Photos page is now broken, but baby steps … 😀

No you just bought Skyrim for the hundreth time …

I tweaked my logo slightly. Which one do you guys prefer?

What do you guys think of my current blog theme? Yay, or nay? And truncated posts, or full ones? Let me know your thoughts, good, bad, or somewhere in-between :)