🔗 iMessage and Outrage Theater

Matt Birchler: … anyone who is shocked by these “revelations” is either not paying attention or is pretending to be shocked. I agree with every word in Matt’s post here and, of the above statement, I’d definitely say it’s the latter option. There’s a strange aura around Apple and it’s fandom where people faint like a Victorian in too tight a bodice when they read a statement that reminds them that Apple are a business.

🔗 Initial Thoughts on iPadOS: A New Path Forward

Federico Viticci: What truly matters, however, is that the message Apple is sending with iPadOS is the kind of trajectory I wanted to see for the future of iPad. There are functionalities such as multiwindow and file management that the Mac figured out decades ago; in bringing them to iPadOS, however, Apple isn’t simply copying and pasting the same features from one platform to another: instead, they’ve taken those features’ underlying concepts and fundamentally rethought them for the iPad’s touch nature and iOS foundation.

🔗 Being Honest With Myself

Jeff Perry: It is much more satisfying for me to comment on the smaller things that I’m comfortable speaking on instead of trying to get my share of the pie with what the rest of the big Apple blogs are commenting on. There are times where I may add my feelings and opinions on something but only when it is something that I am comfortable with. Jeff’s sentiment above, and pretty much everything else he writes in this article struck a cord with me, and it’s exactly where I’m coming from with what I want to achieve with The Dent and the writing I do.

🔗 WWDC by Sundell

John Sundell: I love WWDC. Part Apple event, part conference, but most importantly an enormous celebration of the developer community surrounding Apple’s platforms. I had the pleasure of attending the conference back in 2014 (the year of Swift!), and came back excited and fully inspired (and also quite tired). However, not everyone is able to actually attend WWDC in person. Not only do you have to win the “lottery” in order to qualify for purchasing a ticket, you also need to have the monetary means to be able to fly to, stay at, and attend the conference.

🔗 Get off of Twitter

Nolan Lawson: Write blog posts. Use RSS. Use micro.blog. Use Mastodon. Use Pleroma. Use whatever you want, as long as it isn’t manipulating you with algorithms or selling access to your data to advertisers. I’ve been using Twitter for years now it’s become a bad habit. I don’t remember the last time I actually learnt anything or got anything of value from browsing the site. It doesn’t stress me out, or work me up like it does some people, but it’s such an incredible waste of time.