Andy Nicolaides

Fortnite - The Best BR For Normal People?

I’ve written about my current obsession with competitive multiplayer games a few times recently, so excuse yet another gaming post. Quite a lot of my competitive gaming time has been spent in Battle Royale games. I think, at this point, I’ve played the vast majority of those with

How To Be a Better Writer →

On writing tips she learnt when writing books, Jodie Cook writes: Reading as prolifically as you write will make you a better writer. You can’t drink from an empty glass just as you can’t come up with ideas, stories and new ways of seeing old concepts without consistently

Dear Reader

A long time ago I had the crazy idea of trying to write a daily review of every Apple Arcade game. I think I made it about six days before burning myself out. Whilst I don’t think it’s going to be viable to review then all I was

Site Updates

Historically, when I’ve sat down to write an update about the blog it’s been to put forward some excuses or justifications about moving my blog to a new platform. If it’s not a move, it’s a sob story about how I don’t know what to