I started The Dent in August 2018 as an outlet to share some of my personal views, and thoughts on Apple, and the surrounding technology ecosystem.

My name is Andy and outside of my day job, I’m also a dad, a husband, a blogger, a podcaster and a keen ‘iPhoneographer’.

While The Dent has a focus on Apple, particularly iOS and iOS devices, this is also my personal blog so I’ll often stretch my proverbial legs, from time to time, and cover a multitude of other topics.

Alongside the blog, a companion podcast is also available, links to which you’ll find on the main page, and via the menu above. This is a short form (usually between 10-15 mins long), casual podcast, recorded and edited on my iPad Pro.

I appreciate you taking the time out to read the blog, and even finding your way to the About page. That’s dedication!

I hope you continue to enjoy the content I share here at The Dent.