🔗21 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2021 →

We’re close to seeing out yet another year and, in the midst of a surge of cases of yet another COVID variant, it’s easy to feel 2021 has been a terrible year. As Amelia Tate writes, however, in her article for Wired:

… let’s forget about that, just for a moment, and celebrate all of the actually good stuff that happened in 2021.

Reading Amelia’s article helped put the year in perspective a little. It helped to highlight that there are still good human developments and achievements happening despite all the doom and gloom. I think it’s worth sharing some positivity wherever possible.

Some highlights for me from the article include:

  • More Than 8.47 Billion Covid-19 Vaccinations Were Administered Globally - Despite all the widespread stories about anti-vaxers seeming to be everywhere this year it’s positive news to hear that there are at least 8.47 billion non-idiots in the world. I just hope this vaccine, which I’m incredibly impressed and grateful for, is getting to every corner of the world, not just the wealthiest of nations. Those that can’t afford the luxury of having stupid ideas like being anti-science.
  • Donald Trump Was Banned From Twitter - What can I add to this, really? I know I wasn’t alone in just having enough of this royal bell-end. It was heartening to see people stop pandering to this muppet and realise that the idea of freedom of speech isn’t there to encourage wannabe despots to spout hate, incite violence and stir up fear. Good riddance Tango man.
  • NASA Made Oxygen on Mars - If we have buggered up this world, I have a feeling this could soon come in very handy.
  • A Human Mind Was Wirelessly Connected to a Computer - This one sounded terrible at first. I pictured us all being Neo’d and attached to the Matrix to power … whatever it is humans were supposed to be the power source of in The Matrix. It’s been a long time, ok? Anyway, anything that can help less able bodied people live a better and or happier life is a big win for me. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to some red pill / blue pill decisions for humanity further down the line.

Keep that chin up people, as we lumber our way into 2022. Try and stay positive and keep considering the good going on around us, and focus less on all the negativity.