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Why Has The Blogs Name Changed?


I’ve been blogging off and on (mostly off) under The Dent name since 2018. This name was suggested to me and kind of stuck from there. I’ve often spoken about considering blogging more as myself than some kind of faux brand. A blog like Gaby’s, for example, is a real inspiration for what I’d really like to do. A true micro blog, sharing whatever I want about what makes me, me. For whatever reason, however, I’m unable to fully lean into this. My name is too long for a catchy domain for a start!

As my interest in digging into, and talking about, tech so much has waned it’s been replaced by an almost obsessive interest in video games. I’ve been an Xbox and mobile gamer for years, but until lockdown struck I’d always considered, but never committed, to building a PC. With a bit of Amazon ordering, and a lot of help from my brother, my modest little beasty was built. From that point on, my life has been taken over even more by games, via the huge library available as a PC owner. I only play an hour or two in the evenings when my family are in bed, it’s not an obsession that’s pushing into real-life of course, but it’s an obsession none the less.

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I have a real passion for online multiplayer games, for some reason. I’m not especially good at any, but the satisfaction I get from things like Warzone, PUBG, Valorant, Fortnite, and others is hard to beat with single player games. I think it may be the progression systems that keep me coming back. A few unlocked skins and things here and there really does trigger something in my mind that I can’t quite explain.

Given I’m playing some kind of game most evenings, it made sense, to me, that I may as well stream some of it as I play. I’ve not been streaming on YouTube for long, and my channel still only has a handful of followers, but I’m pretty happy with each streams VOD getting about 10 views each currently.

I don’t expect to get thousands, I know I’m not as enjoyable to listen to as the big players, but I’m finding them enjoyable to do and am finding my groove a little bit as the days progress.

Worst case it makes some of my evening gaming sessions a bit more interesting for me. If I start to pick up a few follows and people watching live all the better. It’s an oversaturated market across Twitch and YouTube so if I go into it with low expectations I can only be surprised.

I don’t stick with one game, or even one genre, so that in itself limits who’d actually want to join a stream, but this little endeavour is my fun first, some occasional streaming of said fun secondarily. Games are a huge part of my interest at the moment so to me sharing what I’m playing at a given time for those that are interested is no more or less than me spouting my tech thoughts of the past into the ether for some to maybe stumble across.

So, cutting to the chase, I’ve changed the blog post to better reflect my gaming persona or side of my interest. It probably won’t lead to me posting more content, to be honest, but it gives me an online presence should I want to share anything. I was given the random name of Nomad Unit Eight when I was selected as one of the founders to Dr Disrespects new game Deadrop along with an NFT ’variant’ or avatar that I’m using for my picture at the top of this blog. The name ‘Nomad Unit’ sounded pretty cool to me, as I generally just use my own name online, so I decided to go with that. I go by that name on Twitch, but my YouTube channel is still just a random URL until I can get to 100 subscribers, at which point I can get a custom one. I won’t hold my breath for that, but it’s a fun little goal to set myself.

Soooo, that’s where we’re at. Instead of changing this blog to a broader micro blog more focused on general topics which I should have done, I’ve made it vaguely gaming focused, an area that I think is even harder to get a handle on that Tech. Genius!