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How To Sign-Up For Twitter Blue Outside Of The U.S.

Whilst the value proposition of Twitter Blue isn’t huge, I’m still a big Twitter user and have been keen to at least give it a try. I also have to admit I kinda want to use an NFT I have as a profile picture (so sue me). Currently, officially, this is only available to people in the U.S., however, but after a bit of fiddling around I managed to subscribe this morning and I thought I’d share the method.

I should note at this point I did this via my iPhone, but there are, I’m sure, ways of replicating something very similar on a desktop.

First things first, you’re going to need a VPN. If you have one available on your phone already, then skip this step. If not, however, I used the free Proton VPN app. I downloaded the app, signed in via my Proton account and turned on the free connection to a US server.

Once connected, open up Safari (don’t do this via the app) and go to the main homepage. From here, tap on your profile picture in the top left, and click on the new ‘Twitter Blue’ button that should have appeared. You will then be taken to a puchase page, all being well. Choose the US for your location, if you haven’t already. Then it’s time to get an address in the US. This is where you need to get creative. First off, visit the USPS zip-code searching page. Enter a 5 digit random code here. I tried the first 5 digits of my date of birth, for example. Lets use the example below:

example zip code

Here you can see it’s given me a location in Brimfield MA. So, now you know this is a valid zipcode, you can go ahead and enter this into the payment form. For the City, enter Brimfield (in this example) or whatever City it shows you when you look up your particular code. For the first line of the address, you can write anything here. It only seems to verify, for me at least, that it was a valid zipcode and city you’ve selected.

Last, but not least, enter your card details in and submit the form. This should go right through and you’re all set! You can now disable the VPN, unless you leave this on all of the time anyway, and open the Twitter app as normal. You may need to kill and relaunch the app, but it appeared right away for me.

Let me know if this works for you, or if you come across any issues, and enjoy getting rid of the bloody Spaces button. That’s gotta be worth $5 (a month!) right?!