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The BEST Email Service

There’s been a lot of talk in my timeline recently of people considering another move of service, or app, for their email usage. Because of this, it got me started on my own journey around the available options, and I think I’ve landed on a pretty revolutionary setup.

There are so many apps and services at the moment, for the humble email. This particular method has taken me some time to find, to be honest, and I’ve been pretty blown away. There are a few very unique components of this mail service (and app) that I wanted to highlight to you.

The Inbox

Yes, you’re reading that right, that’s not a spelling error, inbox. Your inbox is where your mail goes in to. All emails you receive will just flow into your inbox. No convoluted multi-tiered setup with emails filtering into various areas within your client. Everything is just in your inbix, ready to read.


Some email services may want you to just leave every important email you may want to keep mixed in with the other junk you receive. With this system you can simply move emails you want to keep into a specific folder, so you can find this, or related emails, in a breeze.


This is very much like the well known idea of recycling your email, except in this system emails are not broken down bits and bytes and turned into more spam. Old systems encourage you to keep every email and just let it flow but then also tell you that you’re killing the planet for doing so. With this newly designed feature, ‘delete’, emails are simply … deleted. This is truly a revolutionary approach to email, and I’m sure could take some getting used to.

An important part of everyone’s email management system is an ability to find email you want at another time. While traditional services prefer you to have such a smorgasbord of emails flowing in that after a few years each search you do with will return your one hoped for answer, buried under fifty irrelevant emails from years ago, this new method simply searches through the selection of emails you chose to keep.

I know this approach to email is pretty out there. A game changing inbox, an ability to store your emails how you like, a feature to find them when you want, or to delete them when you no longer need them, and move on. The option to use any app, or service, combination of my new method may be the final nail in the coffin for anyone wanting to follow in my footsteps with this one.

So, what is this strange, futuristic mail provider and / or client? It’s called normal blimin’ email and the client I’ve been using is called any one of the huge library of mail apps available to you you bloody well went.