I’ve flipped flipped about on Hey since I signed up almost a year ago, but currently I’m enjoying using it. As I tend to do when I find a company or service I like, I branched out a bit to look at what else that team make.

I came across, what I believe to be, the companies flagship / original product Basecamp and it’s actually been really great as a tool to just use alone for work. With a bit of jiggers pokery I have my work schedule (meetings and todos) inside the Schedule view and have separate pages for said items. I can store notes and documents about the things I’m working on or the team I manage there also.

I’m very late to the game on this, but I’m very much enjoying using it so far. I open it when I log into work and use it throughout the day to keep an eye on my various tasks I need to do outside of our current Sprint planning.