Stadia’s Death is Greatly Exaggerated, Sort of!

It looks like Google Stadia is not long for this world.. I’d like to be wrong, it’s an interesting idea, but stories circulating like this end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. The seeds of doubt are sown, and then Google is left with an even greater uphill struggle to encourage people to still invest in the platform.

I’ve used Stadia a bit myself, briefly, and it really isn’t the best. The interface in Chrome is a bit flakey, it’s difficult to search for games and the controller pales in comparison to a real controller from Microsoft. Performance was less than stellar in my testing also. Being a Cloud service your milage may vary, but interestingly I didn’t have any issues with GeForce Now.

If you were looking to experience PC, or console, games without having to own the console, GeForce Now seems like a much more sensible option. Unlike Stadia, you don’t buy your games from NVidia, so you’re not relying on the service staying alive. It allows you to connect to the Epic Games Store, Steam, and other games marketplaces to sync your games. You can then play them via a browser, or a dedicated app on many devices.

The beauty of this option, also, is that you’re building a games library that will be available to you on a PC should the dabble in cloud gaming whet your appetite for more. You can also find much better deals in the open market than you will on Stadia. Take Cyberpunk 2077 for example. That’s a fixed £60ish on Stadia, but I’ve seen plenty of deals for about £20 on Steak or GoG. A subscription for GeForce Now is also only currently £25 for 6 months!