Blogging with

Love it or loathe it, the team behind Hey have some very interesting ideas and, now that Hey for Work has shipped, they seem to be pushing out a lot of updates again. While this isn’t a shipping feature, as yet, this post from the co-founder Jason Fried sounds really intriguing:

One of the guiding principles of Hey, to me, seemed to be some simplicity and relaxing of email norms such as inbox zero and the like, so a blogging platform in an email service does, at first glance, seem a bit odd. It is, however, as I said a really interesting approach and idea and it’s something I’d definitely jump on trying if it does every become a shipping product. How well something like this fits inside of an email service aside, it does feel like it could remove quite a lot of friction from the writing / posting process.

A blogging platform in this style will also remove one of the elements that always feels like a bit of a blocker for me, the design and naming of my blog. I’m consistently unhappy with the design of any blog I make, and then when I do write I spend too much time worrying about adding images and making it look nice instead of just getting the words out / down. doesn’t help with this, because it is a bit of a pain in the bum to post anything with images in multiple places within your blog post. Giving my blog a name, like The Dent, has also subcontiously made me feel it’s a bit more than just a personal blogging space, and I spend too much time and consideration on what I’m actually going to post.

I’m back on currently, and hoping to post more, but I would most certainly switch to trying a Hey based blogging system if I get the chance to do so. The fact Jason has shared this so publically also leads me to think this is all about getting feedback / gauging interest before potentially shipping it. Fingers crossed it will see the light of day sometime.