Will We See A Surprise Next Week?

We’re now just a few days away from Apple’s traditional September event, but unlike many years before it, it sounds like we won’t see the release of the latest iPhone. Instead we’ll likely see a new iPad or two, along with the latest Apple Watch iteration, but is that it? I have an out there predication that we may be introduced to something that’s been an open secret for some time, namely Apple Glass.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the long rumoured AR device will see the light of day next week. I do, however, think it could now be then time to introduce it to the world. As I said above, this is a very unlikely prediction and is certainly 99% wishful thinking on my part, but I think an Apple Watch focused event would be the perfect place to introduce the idea of the device.

When it was first released, the Apple Watch relied heavily on the tethered iPhone to handle the vast majority of the processing and heavy lifting. Fast forward multiple future generations and, while the watch is now a lot more independent than this early iteration, it’s still very much required. I would wager a fair chunk of change that when we do see the AR device come to light, it will follow a very similar approach to the Apple Watch.

Image courtesy of 9to5Mac

I think the mysterious AR device will harness the combined power of Apple’s hardware stack like nothing seen before it. Over the years Apple had cultivated the perfect environment for the device, namely our bodies. This unicorn device will not only have an incredibly powerful computer tethered to it, namely the iPhone, providing it with all the processing power it’ll need, but also the Apple Watch, feeding it various metrics and key data. Matt Birchler recently published a great retrospective of the Apple Watch Series 5. In this video Matt laments the lack of substantial features added to the Series 5. One small addition that was included was the rather useless sounding compass. I agree with Matt, in that it did seem like a bit of a pointless feature, until you think about pairing it with an AR headset that is!

Coupled with an AR headset, data recording which direction you’re facing starts to seem like an incredibly powerful, and imperative feature. Apple often include random features which end up being important or key to future functionality, and I think this is what we’re seeing here.

Apple has placed the key satellite devices orbiting both our bodies and our mindset. It now might be the time to announce at least something about the cherry on the top. I’m incredibly excited about the potential for an Apple AR pair of glasses, and while the chances of seeing something along these lines next week are unlikely … a guy can wish.