Slight Apple Books Tweaks in iOS 14

Back in February I wrote a short post about a tiny change to Apple Books made in iOS 13.4. Well, 6 months later and I’m back with some further tiny changes to Apple Books that no one notices or cares about news for you.

I love the Apple Books app, and I use it daily. Many of the book prices are comparable to the likes of Amazon / Kindle, and I just love the look and feel of the app, along with the tracking features introduced with iOS 13.

So, what tiny change has been made? Quite a helpful one actually. When you add a book to your ‘Want to read’ list, you receive this pop-up:

As the book is added to your queue, it then downloads a short sample / preview of the book to check out at your leisure. Within the ‘Collection’ view there is a new pre-made collection called ‘My Samples’ where you can find everything that’s been downloaded for you, ready to test some out. They also appear under the ‘Downloaded’ section, should you want to remove them after (or before) reading them, though the space they take up is miniscule.

Like I said, this is a very small change to the app, but makes for a welcome addition. Anything that adds to the functionality and usability of what is, when I think about it, probably one of my most used apps at the moment, I’m happy.

If you’ve not checked out the Apple Books app for some time, or haven’t seen any of the tracking / collection features I’d highly recommend you check it out. It’s really is a joy.