Current Status:

I think I’ve decided I’ll definitely move my blogging back to from Ghost. Most of my posts are migrated now and, while I’m not that happy with my template / look right now this feels like the right platform for it.

If you’ve ever followed my blog my posting has been very inconsistent which I don’t see as a negative. It’s great that I can just step away when life or other hobbies come to take up my time. I don’t blog for attention, or as a way of life (thankfully) so I have the luxury of taking it at a pace that suits me.

I think fits that idea a lot more than Ghost. Hosting wise the costs are nearly the same, but the surrounding community at is a big bonus and the slightly hacky feel adds to the fun of it all. I don’t mean that in a negative ’it’s hacked together’ kind of way, I mean that it feels like I have a lot more control to tweak and play around with it all. After all, that’s all part of the hobby of blogging as well in my eyes. I have little to no followers to lose by changing platforms again so, have at it I say!