Current Status:

Looking Forward

I’ve never been what you’d call a prolific writer on The Dent, but given the current events the world’s going through at the moment I’ve felt even less inclined to post than before. Who wants to hear about how much I love trackpad support in iPadOS 13.4, or what I think about that sweet new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro? Well, likely no more than has ever wanted to listen to me. I have, however, realised I need to still think about it.

Despite how depressing and anxiety inducing the COVID-19 situation is, we will persist. The world will persist and eventually things will get back to normal, or as close an approximation of normal that we’ll get to anymore. The greatest minds the world currently has to offer and, thank goodness, working on the pandemic situation and what can be done to move forward. That doesn’t mean the rest of us need to sit by and do nothing. While the impact we can make may not effect the world in the extent a, hopeful, medical breakthrough will, we can still make fundamental and powerful impacts on our family, friends and those in our close communities.

All that being said, this situation cannot, and should not, become all encompassing. What I’m trying to say is not only is it okay to keep getting excited, passionate and interested in seemingly inconsequential things, it’s almost neccesary. Now more than ever we need our small distractions. We need to keep ourselves on an even keel not just for our own sakes, but for those of our families and communities. No pressure guys!

From my end, in no particular order, I’m either enjoying, or looking forward the following:

  • Trackpad support in iOS 13.4: I’ve been using a mouse with my iPad, when at my desk, since iOS / iPadOS 13 launched, but the trackpad support added in the current iPadOS 13.4 beta is just incredible. It’s made my incredibly flexible device even more powerful.
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: I’ve never actually played an Animal Crossing game, so I’ve completely bought into the hype on this one, but it looks like the perfect distraction during the end times.
  • Disney+: £49.99 a year for instant access to all of Disney’s many franchises and back catalogue? What more can I say. While this launched months ago in the U.S., we in the UK have been waiting with baited breath. This all changes next week.
  • The Xbox Series X: Terrible name, terrible design, but I’ve been an Xbox fan since day one and this next iteration sounds like a real beast.
  • Microsoft Surface Duo: Fun tech is fun!

If any of you reading this have been thinking there’s no point in starting that new podcast you’ve had on your mind for a while, or writing a blog post about how much you like that one episode of Star Trek, or whatever, I ask you to reconsider. Create, joke, play, discuss, speculate, enjoy, love, write, record, laugh. You don’t know who’s day you may brighten with whatever it is you put out there. At the very least, you will enjoy it and that should always take priority.

Stay safe, and be sensible out there everyone. While it may sound corny, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or email if you want to talk about things going on, or just about some pointless tech.