Current Status:

I think I’m going to try posting to both here and my Ghost blog for a few weeks and see which one ‘clicks’ more for me. Now that Search is working on my site that’s a huge win. I’m liking my Ghost theme, but think I need to work on the one to get it where I want it.

Some +1s for so far:

  • Fantastic connected community, active help, support and development.
  • Relatively easy, even for me, to tweak quite a lot
  • A great way to connect multiple other services I usually go elsewhere for. Instagram-like with Sunlit, Book tracking with indie book club etc.

Some things holding me back:

  • Struggling getting my posts to import from Ghost, though most of my posts are here already so may jus manually move over the last 9 months or so of posts (there hasn’t been loads).
  • Not that happy with my theme, though that’s not platform specific.
  • I can hide my ‘micro’ posts from the main blog, but they are still appearing in my Archive page, so struggling to find out how to hide them.

I spend more time thinking about where I’m posting rather than just posting …