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Book Series Advice 📚

Can anyone recommend me a new book series to get into? I’m 15 books down this year, but for the most part they’ve been random books I’ve found on  Books. There hasn’t been all that much rhyme or reason to my choices.

These are the (mainly audio) books I’ve got through so far this year.

While one-off books are more common for me to read, I have read a few book series that I’ve enjoyed, such as:

  • The Dark Tower Series
  • Red Rising trilogy1
  • Harry Potter (some time ago now!)

I’m now looking for some help to find something new to sink my teeth into.

I recently read The Hard Way, the 10th Jack Reacher book, which I found quite enjoyable. It’s a nice short read / listen. Are the Jack Reacher books worth a try? Or would you recommend something else?

All thoughts on this are welcome!

  1. I’ve not started book 4, the start of a new trilogy, as yet. [return]