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The Art Of The Draft

One of the main things keeping me from posting more, I think, is that I have a bad habit of only ever writing a post / article in one sitting. I can’t remember a time I’ve ever just started writing a bit and then come back to add a bit over a few days. The fact I don’t come back to a piece is probably fairly evident in the quality of my posts, unfortunately.

While doing a post from start to finish each time seemed like it would be a better way of getting more posts out, it’s ended up with me just thinking I don’t have enough time to finish anything of substance right now so I don’t even start. I think this is a mindset I need to get out of. I have plenty of ideas currently, and some reviews to share of some interesting new apps I’ve had shared with me by various developers, nothing seems to be progressing all that much.

Right now, I should have a handful of draft posts somewhere where I can keep adding points as I go along before compiling them into a final post at some point. Instead I have a bunch of emails sitting in my inbox, with Reminders entries attached to them. The closest I get to drafting things right now is writing some posts in my head while I drift off at night.

This is probably where an app like Drafts might actually come in useful. I’ve never been able to find a compelling reasons to stick with it, but this may be it.

I need to stop thinking that I have no spare time to write or podcast, and start making better use of whatever time I do have.