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An Unexpected Benefit To Mouse Support in iPadOS

I’m in a very lucky position in my life that, generally speaking, I can usually keep up to date with the latest Apple / tech products and trends. As I’ve mentioned in the past1 my main device at home has been an iPad, and I have been, and am, very happy with this setup and have never regretted the move.

Something did make me question this a little recently, however. My daughter, in her first year of real school, has been learning to use computers at school. The basics they are learning involves using a mouse to navigate around some basic learning apps. My daughter has always been quite good at using an iPad2 and other Apple based mobile devices so it broke my heart a little when she came home to tell me she needed help at school with the mouse. I know this is a bit over the top, but you never want to think you’ve not given your child every opportunity to do as well as possible.

Fast forward a few months after that conversation and Apple launches the first iPadOS beta and with it, albeit it a bit hidden … mouse support. I took to this instantly and have been loving it ever since, but it didn’t strike me initially that this may be perfect for a child too. The quite large pointing target seems a bit too big for many able bodied users that I’ve seen talk about it, but it’s great for the visually impaired, as it’s originally designed for, but also as it turns out, kids!

Now, thanks to iPadOS and some great CBeebies, and other applications, my daughter can wiz around my laptop as she calls it3 like an old pro. As soon as we’ve stopped the lessons she very quickly reverts to using touch to get back to YouTube for some crappy princess videos, however!

  1. A few too many times, I know! 
  2. Only for short spells, occasionally. Don’t get angry with me Mumsnet folks! 
  3. Interestingly she started calling it a laptop as soon as I added the mouse. Before that, it was just ‘the iPad’.