Current Status:

Creating physical backups of an iCloud Photo library is far harder than I thought it would be … You can’t drag and drop a large library to an SSD in Files, because you can’t drag many and you can’t send the files to an SSD via the Share Sheet becaue you can only send a random max of 677 files at a time (with a library of 30k+ photos that’s going to be painful).

Daryl on Twitter suggested using Privacy.Apple.Com to request my archive and then store that. That was, I thought, a fantastic idea. I now have a 130GB (ish) library spread across about 10 zip files. This is, in theory, all fine and dandy. The issue is, however, Apple’s servers seem to be insanely slow so it’s taken all night so far to download 1.5 of the files.

This is going to be a long old project, just to simply have an alternative backup to just relying on iCloud Drive alone.