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🎙Appearance: BYOD 101

The Bring Your Own Device podcast recently hit a huge milestone, of 100 episodes, which is pretty impressive. It’s a show that’s a relatively new addition to my subscriptions, but it’s very quickly become one of my favourites. Greg and Nati’s informed, yet relaxed and humorous approach to tech podcasting really is a breath of fresh air in a pretty crowded space. Hitting their centenary is a great achievement, but it looks like things may be going downhill come episode 101 …

I joke of course. I was very honoured last week to be invited onto episode 101 to speak with the guys about our experiences with iOS 13, iPadOS and what the future looks like for the Apple Watch.

You can find details about the episode on the BYOD site, or listen in Overcast. I hope you enjoy the episode.