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šŸ”— Being Honest With Myself

Jeff Perry:

It is much more satisfying for me to comment on the smaller things that Iā€™m comfortable speaking on instead of trying to get my share of the pie with what the rest of the big Apple blogs are commenting on. There are times where I may add my feelings and opinions on something but only when it is something that I am comfortable with.

Jeff’s sentiment above, and pretty much everything else he writes in this article struck a cord with me, and it’s exactly where I’m coming from with what I want to achieve with The Dent and the writing I do. I’m under no illusions that my blogging will make me some kind of Internet personality, in fact I couldn’t think of anything worse. I write about things that interest me because I enjoy occasionally writing about them and that’s it. Nothing more or less.

Much like Jeff I’ve settled into a very laid back form of Apple / Tech / general interest blogging and I’m very happy with that.

Jeff’s more casual and personal blogging style is exactly what attracts me to his work, and other similar bloggers such as Matt Birchler who writes at The Birchtree and Lee Peterson are further examples of people who’s work I enjoy reading not because they necessarily know everything about what they blog about, but they share stories about their passions and what drives them. That is far more interesting, and appealing to me than someone that feels the need to blog constantly about nothing at all in particular just to keep clicks up.

Much like Jeff, I’ve also embraced the Micro.Blog community and the blogging style this service allows for. By it’s very nature it invites you to share things in a more informal way and I feel much more comfortable doing so there than I did with a WordPress blog. My blog is not only a home for my posts and a place to share podcast episodes it’s also now my own personal, IndieWeb Instagram alternative and replacement Twitter feed, plus so much more, in one neat package where I own all of my content. The lack of any kind of analysis, such as reader counts etc. is also a very important factor in feeling far more liberated to write what Iwant to write, not what I think other people would like me to write.