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A Quick Look At Reminders In iOS 13

Well, against my better judgement, I upgraded my iPad Pro, iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch Series 4 to the latest iPadOS, iOS and WatchOS respectively, the moment they were available post WWDC.

Bad judgement aside, things are going reasonably well so far and I’m impressed with what I’m seeing. Over the coming weeks I’m planning on writing up a few thoughts and views on some of the plethora of new fixtures and fittings.

We’re very early on into the beta lifecycle, obviously, and things are viable to change over the Summer, so I wont be going into any in-depth reviews or how-to’s at this point. You’ll need to hold your horses a bit longer if that’s what you’re after.

To kick things off, I wanted to share a quick peek at the new Reminders app in iOS 13.

Whilst introducing it on-stage (very briefly!) Apple said the app has been completely redesigned and this will be evident the first time you launch it post upgrade. The tired, old interface has had a fresh lick of paint and, while your lists are still front and centre, there are now 4 new subsections listed in a grid at the top of the app, namely Today Scheduled, All and Flagged.

Prior to using this new version of the app, I used to include Emoji’s in the name of my lists, to give them a little colour, but Apple have kindly taken care of that bit for me. By jumping into the customize view for each list you can change the glyph, and colour, for each of your lists. The available glyphs is fairly limited at this point, to be fair.

While the general UI looks a lot more modern and fresh, it’s the Add New Reminder area that has received the best update in my opinion. During composition a new bar of 4 icons can be seen just above the keyboard row. This allows you to invoke scheduling, location, flag tasks or to add photos / attachments.

The scheduling button allows you to set some preset times of Today, Tomorrow, This weekend or a custom date and time. This small step makes adding new tasks worlds apart from the old, labor intensive options you had at your disposal. The time that’s set for these predefined timeframes can be set within the app settings, which is also quite handy.

The Location options also provide some preconfigured options to trigger when you Arrive Home, Arrive at Work, Get in the car or at a location of your choosing via the Custom section. Again, these feel relatively minor, but really do make adding tasks to your specific needs and requirements a breeze.

The 4 views you have available on the homepage are pretty self-explanatory, but it’s nice that, whilst basic, there is an element of Smart List behaviour like you’d see in more advanced apps like the excellent GoodTask.

Speaking of GoodTask, since upgrading to iOS 13 I’ve deleted the app from my devices and am going all in on Reminders, at least over the Summer whilst putting the software through its paces. I’ve been enjoying the majority of the iOS default apps for some time, and beta season always gives me the itch to get into them even more so I’ll be sure to keep digging around.

If you have any queries about Reminders, or anything else in iOS 13 feel free to drop me a quick Email and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. Keep your eyes out for some more small iOS 13 preview over the coming days and weeks.