Current Status:

Giving Drafts another shot ... again

There’s no app in the history of the iOS App Store that I’ve downloaded and deleted as much as Drafts. I think it’s an amazing app and it’s ridiculously powerful. Doing tasks in it, however, have often felt really convoluted and it feels like they’d be easier to just do manually most of the time.

That being said, I’ve downloaded it again and I’m currently writing this post in it. There are two reasons for this:

  • The official Micro.Blog app inexplicably doesn’t have an enter button, unless I’m being dense, so all posts you write directly in the app have to be in a single paragraph
  • The Actions, the powerful element of Drafts I’ve mentioned previously, allow me to post directly to my Micro.Blog account. Not only this, I can determine the Category of posts.

The second point is particularly important to me, because of the way I’ve setup my blog. The main homepage for The Dent only shows posts categorised as an Article or Podcast currently. Smaller posts, that I don’t want on the main page, photography and other non-article posts all appear within their own section of the site. Tucked away unless you specifically want to see them. I’m using an Action by Craig McClellan to do this.

Using Drafts to compose my Micro.Blog posts it also gives me some flexibility to write up a short microblog post which is kept off the main feed or, if I find myself rambling on a little longer, like in this instance, I can easily add a title, links, images and Categories from within the same app.

Until my jump back to Drafts I was really enjoying using iAWriter for my blogging needs, so I’m going to experiment with Shortcuts to see if I can replicate the functionality there as well. Posting to Micro.Blog is easy enough with an API call, but I’m not entirely sure how the Categories would be handled so, for now at least, I’m giving Drafts yet another try.