Current Status:

Podcast vs. Audio Blog Post

I wrote yesterday that I was struggling getting my podcast back off the ground and I’ve also mentioned that I didn’t want to post something for the sake of it if I didn’t have anything to say. To this end, I’m leaning towards cancelling my account with Podbean and removing The Dent podcast from iTunes etc. The frequency I’m doing it in, and the quality of the content, doesn’t really justify a full blown real podcast I don’t think. The show has achieved just over 2,000 downloads so far, which is about 1,999 more then I’d ever thought it would.

I do, however, enjoy recording a podcast occasionally. I record and edit it on my
iPad Pro which makes doing it even more fun. Any excuse to use my iPad more is a welcome one. There are also, from time to time, situations where I have an idea for a blog post that would just make more sense, or be clearer, as a podcast / audio recording.

To this end I think the best middle ground option for me is to upgrade my Micro.Blog account so I can start posting audio and video on the blog. This will allow me to post a short podcast episode, as and when appropriate, but I won’t list it in iTunes or any other podcast directory. It will take away the issue of me worrying about trying to post content regularly to retain subscription numbers, but it will also leave me with an RSS feed someone can use to subscribe to the episodes I sporadically post, should they want. It will be a true supplementary option to the blog as a whole, rather than its own thing. An audio blog post for want of a better term.

What do you think? Does this seem like a reasonable compromise?