Current Status:

Know When To Quit

I keep trying to restart my podcast for The Dent, but also keep making excuses not to do it. That’s probabaly a good indication I should just not bother, right? I’m finding it hard to find interesting things to write at the moment, let alone do a solo podcast about it. With no one else to bounce off of it can be a bit of a challenge.

I think this is a big reason why I’ve been enjoying using Micro.Blog as a hosting option recently. It feels a lot less formal than Wordpress did so, in turn, I feel like it’s more appropriate to share more honest posts like this one. I’m not a real blogger and I never will be. I’ll never make money from it (and I’m not interested in doing so), I’ll never be a big name, I’ll never have a hide following. That works for me, however. I’m enjoying writing small posts like this. I almost stopped my blog recently also, yet Micro.Blog and the community has put some more wind in my sales.

While the blogging will continue, to some extent or the other, it may be time to admit podcasting isn’t for me. I’m not very good at it, I’m not interesting to listen to alone and perhaps most importantly I rarely have anything interesting to say that’s not been said by plenty of people, better. It’s not a failure, in my eyes at least, to give something a try and then to stop if it just doesn’t turn out as expected. It’s okay to know when to quit.