🔗 WWDC by Sundell

John Sundell:

I love WWDC. Part Apple event, part conference, but most importantly an enormous celebration of the developer community surrounding Apple’s platforms. I had the pleasure of attending the conference back in 2014 (the year of Swift!), and came back excited and fully inspired (and also quite tired).

However, not everyone is able to actually attend WWDC in person. Not only do you have to win the “lottery” in order to qualify for purchasing a ticket, you also need to have the monetary means to be able to fly to, stay at, and attend the conference. So for a huge amount of people, WWDC can feel a bit out of reach.

I wanted to do something about that. This website is for everyone who wants to closely follow WWDC, but from anywhere in the world. Starting right now, this site will be updated daily with articles, videos, podcasts, and interviews, covering all things WWDC — from recommendations on what session videos to watch, to in-depth looks at new APIs, to interviews with people from all over the Apple developer community.

As you’ll no doubt see over the coming days, I’m really looking forward to this years WWDC. More so than I have for a long time to be honest. As John says above, the vast majority of us will be following all of the fun from afar and his new project, WWDC by Sundell, looks like an ideal aid to help you digest all of the news coming out of the event. I love the design of the site as well. I’m sure I’ll be checking this a lot next week and beyond.