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🎮 My Top 5 Most Played Switch Games

Due to a recent Nintendo Switch update, you can now re-order your game library in various different ways. One that I found interesting was ‘Play time’ order. I’ve had my beloved Switch since launch day in the UK, so I thought it was quite interesting to take a look at what my top 5 most played games have been so far.

1) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What else could take the top spot but the Switch’s flagship game? I played this for hours on end when I first got my Switch, but then my buying bug took over and I ended up being distracted about ¾ of the way through the game. Fast forward almost a year later and I finally went back to it and finished off the main questline and the two DLC additions that came post-launch.

I’ve always been a massive Legend of Zelda fan, but this game really reignited my love for the franchise. I’ve since picked up another Wii U (after selling my original one) with copies of Twilight Princess and Windwaker HD so I can continue getting my Zelda fix.

2) Paladins

While my number 1 spot was an obvious one to me, and likely you, my second most played game surprised me. Close behind Zelda is the Free-to-Play objective-based team first-person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, Paladins: Champions of the Realm.

While this is, as said above, a Free-to-Play game, I spent £20 on the Founders Pack that unlocks all of the many characters and, while I’m awful at the game, I have an absolute blast playing it. I don’t know how popular the game is, but amongst my small circle of online friends I very rarely hear many people talk about it, which is a shame. While it’s competative nature likely puts a lot of people off, I can highly recommend giving the game a try.

An issue with team based games like this, however, especially on the Switch with its lack of decent voice communication, is that it can be quite difficult to find a decent team. Running off and trying to kill the enemy team alone wont cut it, you really do need to work together. If you end up on a team full of teammates doing their own thing, it wont matter how good you are, you’re going to have a bad time. If, however, you can either play with some buddies or you can find some random people that understand how to work as a team, it really can be extremely fun.

3) Super Mario Odyssey

After the unexpected inclusion of Paladins, we’re back with something far more expected, namely the fantastic flagship Mario title on the Switch. The time spent in the game to get it to number 3 was, essentially, the time spent to complete the game on its initial playthrough. I’m yet to revisit all of the lands to find the various extra Moons that are added after finishing it once. To this end, there is still a lot more to get out of this game, which is great news for me. I’m looking forward to forgetting about it a little and then jumping back in to experience it all over again, now with added challenge.

4) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim was released early on in the Switch’s lifecyce so this time has built up over this time due to me dipping in and out as the mood takes me. While the game is looking fairly dated now, in modern terms, it’s still pretty incredible how good it looks on such, relatively, underpowered hardware. I remember owning this game on the PS2 (or maybe the PS3, I can’t quite remeber) but what I do recall is that the loading times were atrocious. On the Switch, however, they are far better, which is a nice added bonus.

I’ve no idea where I am with the story in Skyrim, I’m just moving from quest to quest knocking them off. It works really well as a game to just dip in and out of. Like Mario Odyssey, I think I’ve got many hours left on this particular game.

5) Smite

Smite is an Action MOBA or an Action Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. This is the newest game on my top 5 list, so it’s impressive how I’ve racked up so many hours on it already to be honest.

In Smite you pick a God (from various pantheons) ranging from Ancient Greece, Norse, Egyptian, Roman and many more and join a team of another 4 Gods, fighting an enemy team of another 5 Gods. Much like Paladins, I’m bad at the game, but find it very enjoyable. Also, and once again much like Paladins, if you’re stuck with a bad team you may as well give up from the start, but if you get into a good team you can really have a great time in this game.

I, again, paid an upfront cost to unlock to 100+ Gods from the start, when it was released a few months ago. It is quite daunting trying to learn a game with so many characters to get your head around, but it’s well worth your effort to give it a try.

What does your top 5 list look like? I would imagine Zelda has to be up there for pretty much all Switch owners, but the other 4 slots could go anywhere.