iOS Tidbit - Continuous Scrolling Reading List

I’ve been using the built in iOS Reading List feature for some time now, but only today I discovered a very useful feature that I wanted to share with you. After a quick Google search, it seems this isn’t a new feature so please indulge me if this is common knowledge. Once you’ve read, or at least navigated to the end of an article you’ve saved into Reading List, it will automatically jump to the next item in your reading list.

Want to read: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss 📚

Currently reading: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King 📚

Finished reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss 📚

The Lake


While having a long daily commute can get a bit tiring and my tail bone isn’t thanking me for it, it has been great to get through what is approaching 18 books this year. Hoping to increase this next year.

I’ve been enjoying The Name of The Wind, after quite a few recommendations, but it’s pretty slow paced and has gone all Harry Potter on me halfway through, which I’m not too sure about right now 📚

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Smart Battery Case

Back in February, I wrote a review for the, then new, iPhone Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS. While I had mixed feelings about the case, I summarised my feelings thusly: All in all, I’d say if you really need an extra boost of life in your phone, you’d get no better quality and integration than Apple’s own case, though I wouldn’t recommend using it every day. Unless you like your phone feeling like a brick phone from the 80s that is.

Currently reading: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss 📚

Winter is Coming

Finished reading: The Moscow Cipher by Scott Mariani 📚

I know it got a bit of a hammering since launch, but I picked up Anthem on the Xbox for £6 the other day (digital copy) and it’s pretty bloody fun.

Currently reading: The Moscow Cypher by Scott Mariani 📚

Finished reading: In The Woods by Tana French 📚

Into The Woods

Currently reading: In The Woods by Tana French 📚

Book Series Advice 📚

Can anyone recommend me a new book series to get into? I’m 15 books down this year, but for the most part they’ve been random books I’ve found on  Books. There hasn’t been all that much rhyme or reason to my choices. These are the (mainly audio) books I’ve got through so far this year. While one-off books are more common for me to read, I have read a few book series that I’ve enjoyed, such as:

I’ve caught up with Episode 4 of both See and For All Mankind and I’m still really impressed by both. While they aren’t the fastest paced, or traditionally exciting they are both (in my opinion) well acted, well written, and both have killer premises I can see going on for some time. Does anyone have any idea how many episodes each season is going to have, however? The TV tracking app I use says 8 a piece, which sounds right I suppose, but I’ll be sad to see them stop.

Finished reading: The Hard Way by Lee Child 📚

I’m really happy with the stock iOS apps, but I do get a feeling I’m missing out on so many great third party iOS that I’ve used in the past but never stick. Apps like Overcast, Things, Agenda, Bear, and Outlook etc. doesn’t include search functionality for visitors to your blog, which is a shame, but now my Archive page only include real posts it’s quite a bit easier to find old posts of mine, should the need arise.

Massive thanks to @mikehaynes for this help on getting my Archive page tidied up. The archive now only lists my main articles and removes all the other various categories and post types. If you ever want to look these up they are still availalbe via the sub menus at the top of the archive page. Now, my ‘microblog’ posts live only on, which feels like the right home for them.

Moderation Review: Meal Tracking For The Rest Of Us

Trying to eat the right thing, and improve my health has been a constant battle for me over the years. As with many things in my life, I often turn to technology to help me through. To this end, I’ve tried a lot of food tracking apps over the years, however none have ever stuck with me for more than a day or two. The issue with most food tracking apps is that you already have to be very familiar and au fait with the food you’re eating.

The Water Tower