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🎙️ Farewell Pocket Sized Podcast

The latest episode of Pocket Sized Podcast is now available from your favourite podcast player.

Episode 200, sadly, marks the end of the Pocket Sized Podcast. I joined Scott as his new co-host from episode 191 and recorded about 8 episodes, so I'm sad to see the show end so soon into my stint.

I like to think that me joining wasn't the final nail in the coffin but ... it may well have been! It was a pleasure to have been asked to join such a long running show, and Scott was a fantastic host and, hopefully, new found friend. I know he has some exciting projects in the works, so watch this space or, well, watch THAT space, I guess.

If you're a past listener, or even if you've never heard this before, I can highly recommend you listen to this episode. There are some surprises along the way, but the real highlight is Scott's incredible editing work.

In terms of where things go for me, from now, on the podcasting front, I will still be releasing my (fairly sporadic) companion show to and I have two upcoming appearances on two separate shows that I enjoy a great deal. These will both be out before the end of the year, so I'll be sure to share links to those as and when they are out. Thank you for anyone that listened to my time on Pocket Sized Podcast. It is, as always, very much appreciated.