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📱iPhone XS Max Homescreen - October 2018

I upgraded my iPhone from a Space Grey iPhone X to a gold iPhone XS Max a couple of weeks ago. Despite the jump to a new, bigger, iPhone, my homescreen hasn’t changed all that much since last month.

iPhone XS Max Homescreen October 2018

The main new addition is the amazing Shortcuts app. This app, formally Workflow, has been my most used app this month by a country mile. I’ve been beavering away in there since it came out with iOS 12’s launch and have compiled about 100 Shortcuts since. I’m planning on focusing on this app in some upcoming posts, so I’ll keep you posted on this front.

Drafts is still holding onto a spot on my homescreen. I’m writing this article, via my iPhone XS Max, using the app as we speak, though I’ve been enjoying re-writing some of my Drafts actions in Shortcuts. The app itself, even without Actions, is hard to beat for some basic blogging like this article.

Launch Center Pro (LCP) is an app that has come and gone from my homescreen a lot over the years. I’m beta testing version 3.0 currently. It’s always been an interesting app, but since I’ve been digging into Shortcuts more and more it’s value is really shining through. You can use LCP as a new launch location for any Shortcuts, and you can even schedule it to notify you at certain times to trigger a Shortcut. It’s important to reiterate that it will notify you to launch the Shortcut, it can’t actually trigger the Shortcut automatically. This being said, it’s still a powerful launcher when configured correctly / to your requirements.

I’m back to including Things 3 this month, though I’m also using Fantastical for Reminders as well. I’m using Things for larger, usually work based) projects and the more basic Reminders functionally in Fantastical for personal stuff. This is, so far, working quite well. We’ll see how long this sticks.