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Automation on iOS - An Introduction

Ever since I switched to an iPad as my primary computer, some time in 2014 (with the Air 2), iOS has been getting more and more powerful. Some power apps such as Drafts, Launch Center Pro and Workflow have really cemented the OS as a bit of a powerhouse, in the right hands that is …

Over the last few months I’ve been building up a bit of an arsenal of powerful automations and tweaks, powered by the apps mentioned above, and some others that I will get to at a later date. It’s got me even more excited about a platform that I am already 100% behind and invested in. So much so that I wanted to start putting together some posts about the various setups and tweaks I have currently. I should take this opportunity to caveat that many of the actions and automations I’m going to discuss on this blog over the coming weeks have either been created by other (far smarter) people or are based on others code that I’ve since copied and modified. I will, of course, detail who created the originals or what site I may have found the inspiration from as I go along.

These posts will be broken down into the following areas:

  • Scriptable (a very smart app that’s currently in beta)
  • Launch Center Pro
  • Drafts
  • Workflow / Shortcuts

This is, in all likelihood, the order they’ll be posted in as well so keep an eye out over the coming days for the Scriptable post and I hope you enjoy the series!