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The Case For A Clean Homescreen

I have a problem … it’s the most pointless and unimportant problem to have, but I have it non the less. My problem is homescreens. I go to great lengths, on occasion, to setup my iPhone X homescreen in a nice, colour coordinated way. I spend far too long on this, but the results are usually pretty decent. 

The iPad, however, has always been another kettle of fish entirely! It’s near impossible to set up an iPad homescreen to be near, functional and also to work in portrait and landscape orientation. Usually, this is a page of work apps and then a page of play apps, along with a few folders when needed. 

Since iOS 11, and the introduction of the new multitasking system, unless your app is in the dock, which can only hold a fixed amount of apps (which varies between iPad sizes) you have to return to the homescreen, scroll around, and then launch your app. This can be a huge pain and take you out of your workflow. 

This is an example of what my homescreen used to look like on my iPad Pro 10.5”

I find this setup slow to navigate, distracting to look at and just impractical. After a bit of playing around, I came across my ideal setup. My iPad Pro now looks like this: 

Firstly, this is obviously far cleaner and less distracting to the eye. I have my main multitasking apps in the dock, and then every other app sits in the folder at the far right. My navigation workflow is now much faster. If I need an app that’s not in my dock I no longer need to go back to the homescreen and then scroll / swipe through page after pages of cluttered screens to find what I want. I now just use the keyboard shortcut to return to the homescreen, another to launch Spotlight, type the name of the app I want (or even just the start of the name) move down to it (via the arrow keys) and select the app with enter to fire it up. My fingers never have to even leave the keyboard.

When I shared this on Twitter I received a bit of a push back. Firstly, I couldn’t care less. You do you, but anyone that disagrees with this should at least try it. If you still don’t like it, that’s fair enough. Horses for courses. Right now, how we, this is certainly the horse for this course!