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Look Ma, I'm famous (Or not)

A few weeks ago I receieved a pretty random sounding Twitter DM from someone claiming to be from the Wall Street Journal, saying she wanted to write a story and wanted some input from me. This seemed a bit off for me, but I looked at her profile and it appears she sent something similar to quite a few people.

The reporter was replying to a tweet I sent over 300 days ago, but I went along for the ride, assuming it was a random trolling, but it turns out it wasn’t!

The article went live in the Wall Street Journal Tech section this morning. Unless you’re a paying subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, you wont be able to read it, unfortuantely. I found a Workflow (that I wont link to here, but I’m sure you can find it) that can bypass the paywall so I could give it a read myself. It’s a very tongue in cheeky article, which was explained before, so I wont along with that premise. My small quote / inclusion in the article can be found in the attached image.